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I am so excited you found me!
Especially if you are going through difficult lifestyle changes! Divorce was a big lifestyle change for me.
Stress can make us feel unwell.
I get it, I’ve done it, and now I am here to support and guide YOU through it.

The # 1 ingredient for reaching your lifestyle goals, is to commit to yourself first!

 Key benefits to having a Lifestyle and Health Integration Coach by your side



Tap into your inner strength, confidence, and capability to find the clarity you need to move in the direction you want to go. Let’s thrive. You deserve it.


Get clear and focused on your goals and objectives regarding your health and lifestyle goals, tap into your power, and change your life.


Regain your energy and vitality through accountability from a coach by your side. I will help you stay committed so you can reach real results and live the life you desire.


Now it is your turn, so let’s do this together. Let’s build a relationship so I can help you get to where I am today.


You have been an entrepreneur, parent & multitasker most of your life. Challenges in the past were a piece of cake. Somewhere along the way, life started to get in the way. Obstacles began pouring in. The overachiever in us pushed everything to the front of our priorities other than ourselves. Our health was left behind and neglected. Now you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You are ready to commit to yourself. I get it I’ve been there.

I have been in your shoes; I have overcome my stress induced gluten-sensitivity and digestive issues.

Saying “YES” to 3 out of 5 identifiers? You have come to the right place!

You have always been a fun and successful woman, but suddenly you have found yourself unable to keep a handle on things because your life has thrown you a roadblock!

You are struggling with digestive/dietary issues do to your current or recent stress!

Can’t figure out how or where to start when it comes to your health and lifestyle changes

Your divorce has worn you down, starting over is f***ing scary!

You have been kicking ass all along, but your doctor’s diagnosis and current stress level is tearing you down, holding you hostage in a place of uncertainty!

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About Me

Want to know how you and I can relate?

I am not only a coach when it comes to lifestyles and dietary changes, but also someone who has been in the same shoes as you are right now.
Hi, my name is Andi,
• I am a mother of 4 children,
• A small business owner,
• Ex-wife of a narcissistic ex-husband,
• Grandmother of 1 incredible granddaughter,
• A wife to the love of my life,
• An adventurer,
• Triumphant to my own struggles, (stress induced gluten-sensitivity, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, unhappy and stressful marriage of 17 years)
• A small business owner,
• A leader,
• A coach to women like you
• Thriving in life, believing you can too

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Your Goals are my #1 priority


Regaining control of your health and life starts with making a commitment to YOURSELF first!

Connecting the dots between your stressful life today, and your health and lifestyle goals, is not only easier but also more successful with a Coach by your side!

Professional Lifestyle + Health Integration Coach


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What People are saying

Andi has taken me under her wing for the last 6 or 7 weeks to straighten out my messed up diet. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis among other things and was feeding it with my diet. Andi has been the most diligent of coaches and worked with me every step of the way, making what seemed like an insurmountable task an achievable one. I would strongly recommend her if you’re looking to feel and perform better!


If there was one thing that made the difference for me in my work with Andi & it was her patience & persistence. I’m stubborn & I like sugar! I finally listened (to more than just that) & was amazed at the clarity of mind & body I found; less coffee, more energy, better sleep, clearer mind. So worth it.


“I am so happy I worked with Andi, she helped me so much with my inflammation due to fibromyalgia, which I have suffered from for years. She was so kind and not pushy at all. Andi coached me for six months on how to eat, shop, and cook. Today I feel so much better, less pain, and fatigue. I can’t thank her enough for helping me achieve my health goals.”


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