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There’s much to see here. So take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about me & my program. I hope you enjoy our site and will take a moment to drop us a line.

Because living life to the fullest should never be missed!

Welcome to Virtual Health Coach-Certified in gut health

Taking control from the comfort of your home/office! Reaching your health and lifestyle goals has never been easier!

Look around, enjoy my resources! I love having you here!


You're a successful entrepreneur/ leader that has had the right answers for many things but but not when it comes to your health.

You've been kicking ass at work and got torn down by your doctor's diagnosis.

You have been a high achiever, but lately, you have been struggling with digestive issues, food sensitivities, anxiety, obesity.

You have always given 100%, but lately, it has been difficult to figure out how to balance your health, work and family.

You want or need to live healthier but just can’t figure out where or how to start.

You’ve tried different approaches, but lately you just have not been feeling successful at improving your health.

You’ve always been a go-getter but recently a setback in life, work or family due to health issues needs to be addressed.

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About Me

Professional Health and Lifestyle coach

My name is Andi O’Connor your virtual Lifestyle and Health Integration Coach. I am a mother of 4 and a serial entrepreneur for the past 30 years. After having encountered several health issues including gluten-sensitivity I knew I needed to approach my health and lifestyle head-on. I needed to get to the bottom of things so I could reinvent myself while improving my health and flourishing in life. Today I am healthy and without digestive issues. My diet and lifestyle changes got me where I am today and helped me reach my goals.

As an entrepreneur, I can share and coach my experiences, implement my knowledge and create personalized roadmaps for a successful, healthy life.

During our time together we will connect the dots between nutrition, physical and psychological well being. I will teach you how to connect the dots to truly integrate a healthy lifestyle into your career and continue to rock life at its best.

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Your Goals are my #1 priority


Regaining control of your digestive issues starts with, making a commitment to yourself!


Connecting the dots to apply the physical, psychological, and dietary needs in order to get your health back on track is much easier with a coach by your side, so let me help you with that.

Professional Lifestyle + Health Integration Coach


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How This can Improve your Life!

  • Gain back your energy!
  • Gain knowledge & tools about a lifestyle and nutrition for your health and the diet that fits your needs.
  • Make yourself the person in charge of your health.
  • Accountability is the number one ingredient, to your success.
  • Road map to achieve your life and health goal.


  • The first step in committing to you, your life and your health.
  • Pinpointing your struggles and where you might be stuck.
  • Identify your goals.
  • Roadmap to achieving your lifestyle and health goals.

Join my Facebook Group


  • Join for like-minded women / entrepreneurs also conquering their digestive health issues.
  • There you can ask questions related to your sensitivities.
  • Find support.
  • Share your experiences and gain knowledge all at the same time.

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