Bread!I 1 love affair! How I got it back, despite my gluten-sensitivity

Bread! 1 Love affair! How I got it back, despite my gluten-sensitivity

Do you love bread?

I love bread; I would call myself a breadaholic at times. That’s how much I love bread.
Bread and chocolate are the two foods I can’t live without. Often as a kid and actually as an adult, I like to combine the two. Oh man, the best taste ever.

My mom used to bake her own bread; boy did I love that smell or going to a bakery back home in Germany buying this delicious sourdough country bread, all airy and gooey on the inside and a golden-brown crusty crust. Just sitting here thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Saying goodbye to bread;

So when I was told that I couldn’t eat bread or any other kinds of foods containing gluten anymore, I was devastated. The thought of not eating bread anymore made me very sad. The idea of not eating delicious bread with butter and Nutella made me wish for my childhood days. Wishing I could go back in time and enjoy it just once more.

Even just a good crusty baguette with some butter and brie cheese, damn, that’s so good.

When I was told no, I couldn’t have bread anymore, it was almost like a part of me was taken away. Maybe this was why I was in denial about taking gluten from my diet for two years before taking my health seriously.

Once I eventually did, though, it was no easy task. The cravings for bread just kept on creeping up. It was no easy task to withstand the delicious fresh baked bread smells.
Then I finally decided to try gluten-free bread, and it tasted like cardboard, yuck. Eventually, I found one that was pretty good and acceptable for my taste buds, even though it was nothing compared to the kind of bread I loved so much.

I suffered for many years, trying to figure out how and what I could and couldn’t eat.
It was miserable, with so many ups and downs.

Can you relate?

Yes, after eliminated gluten from my diet, things got a bit better.
After a while, though, they got worse again. The truth is I never reached the point where I felt 100%.
Well enough to leave my house long enough to enjoy any vacation, to date again (who wants to date someone with digestive issues anyways). I was scared to be cross-contaminated. I was afraid to have an anxiety attack or a panic attack in the middle of the night in a hotel room or to have to run to the bathroom with crazy diarrhea while sitting on the beach.

The better choice was to stay home and not risk the embarrassment or the panic.

Time to get my bread back;

After a few years, I had enough and decided to get to the bottom of things. I became determined to figure out how to beat this thing.
I needed to live my life my way. Otherwise, I felt like I was missing out on so many opportunities.
I got fed up with it all; not only did I miss my bread, but my social life was missing out, and my professional life was hurting as well. Brain fog and little focus didn’t help run my small business at the time.

So I got to the bottom of things. I returned to school, did lots of research, followed some great functional medicine doctors such as @Dr.Mark Hyman.
It was a long journey, but so worth it.
It took me a couple of years to truly get my digestive system back on track and gluten sensitivity out of the way.

My love has returned;

So today I am eating bread again, my very own country sourdough homemade bread. I can eat gluten again. I have had no symptoms whatsoever, and yes, sourdough bread is lower on the gluten count anyways, but I can also eat crepes made with white flour, cookies, and so on.
I don’t eat them daily, these are strictly treats, as anything white flour turns into sugar in your body, and a.) my aches and pains don’t like that and b.) neither so do my hips.
The fact that I can treat myself to me is victory, and therefore I have kept my newly improved lifestyle and diet just because it makes me feel good.

To know that yes, I can, has completely changed the game when it comes to my overall health and wellbeing.
Once I eliminated the inflammation in my digestive system, my gluten sensitivity subsided alongside all the other symptoms. With that, my overall health improved dramatically as well as my psychological well-being.

Life is good. I can vacation again. I got remarried, moved cross country, and took a 10-week trip zigzagging through the United States with my new husband and our two puppies pulling a camper. We visited the Bahamas for an amazing and long-needed family vacation, having a blast in the crystal blue waters and silky sandy pink beaches. We visited my family in Germany and enjoyed many yummy treats.

Most importantly, I taught myself to make the best sourdough bread ever. Now I can eat my bread on demand whenever I want. Bread! 1 love affair! How I got it back, despite my gluten-sensitivity
Having perfected my sourdough starter, trying out few different recipes when it comes to making bread. I came across this cookbook by Chad Robertson, owner of the legendary @TartineBakery in San Francisco. Chad Robertson is a baker who has worked with the finest artisan bakers in the United States and France.

I love his technique of “thinking like a baker.” Using your eyes and hands. It has been so different from all the other recipes I have tried; his bread recipe is the one that gives my loaves of bread the best height, the softest taste, and the crustiest crust that doesn’t hurt you chewing.
He explains his mixing and folding techniques clearly with pictures to follow, which is key as I am a visual learner.

So if you are ready to gain back your bread and have overcome your digestive issues and gluten-sensitivity, I would suggest buying his book. It’s definitely my favorite.

Now I would never suggest for anyone to eat sourdough bread while experiencing their inflammatory symptoms. Please remember that it took much work and time for me to get to where I am today.

I became a Lifestyle & health Integration Coach, so I can help you get there as well.

Only if you are ready, though, I can only coach clients that are ready to take this journey and put in the effort in what it takes to get back to a life they want to live again.
Clients who want that bread back in their lives, those childhood memories, that part that was taken away from them, that made them who they were before their health issues arrived.
I want you to taste that delicious taste again. I believe you deserve a treat, don’t you?

So if you are ready to take the next steps, click right here and schedule your Free Breakthrough Session with me today.

So let’s get back to loving bread, loving life!

I thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. I always love seeing you here.

I have confidence in you, and therefore I cheer you on.

Until next time

Xx Andi :).  91E79881 562A 4D35 93FB 3B038E6A8A0B


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