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About Me

….If you are like me

…you also have been an entrepreneur, parent, multitasker most of your adult life, and have found yourself on a path in life you never expected and most certainly never planned on being.
Your life has been filled with stress, your health has been declining just a bit more and more.
You thought you could handle it, just like everything else you have handled remarkably in the past.
Unfortunately, this time things are different.
I get it I’ve been there.

about me

Who am I working with

Fun middle-aged women who are going through stressful times, such as divorce and have found themselves in an overwhelming time of their life. These woman have stress induced dietary struggles, such as digestive issues (constant nausea, bloating, diarrhea..), gluten-sensitivity, weight gain, anxiety.

These woman feel overwhelmed, unattractive, socially distant, sad, scared..!

Who I Am

I am your virtual Lifestyle & Health Integration Coach, certified in gut health, and Founder of HealthyForFood.
A serial small business entrepreneur for over 30 years. I was born, raised, and educated as a cosmetologist in Germany. In 1990 I came to the U.S.A as an au-pair, which was the time I met my first husband, with whom I had 4 amazing children and an extremely stressful marriage of 17 years.
My stressful first marriage and divorce inflicted intense health issues upon me, such as gluten-sensitivity, digestive issues, panic attacks, anxiety, heart palpitations…
It was an ugly road I had to walk for several years.
Having found tools that helped me break through life’s roadblock’s through educating myself by returning to school become a health coach certified in gut health, has given me so many tools to overcome all my challenges.
Today I am free of all these struggles. I can eat gluten again without digestive issues or heart palpitations. I can sleep through the night without waking up to panic attacks, and I am married the love of my life.
Long story short, today I am thriving and with that I am committed to helping women walking in the same shoes I used to, because I believe that you deserve to thrive too.
I believe that “YES YOU CAN”! Because If I can do it, so can you!

These Women are now ready to:

  • Regain confidence
  • Live life their way
  • Connect the dots between their old ways of living and what steps to take to reach their new way of living.
  • Not only nourish their bodies and minds but also their souls with powerful lifestyle changes and start thriving.
  • Stand on their own two feet, for themselves and their loved ones.

About Healthy For Food

HealthyForFood was founded during my journey through recovering from stress induced gluten sensitivity, which came with a long list of tagalongs, such as digestive issues, brain fog, anxiety…
Feeling horrible day in and day out, kept me from performing to my fullest potential as a business owner and a freshly divorced single mother. After hitting rock bottom, I decided to take my health seriously and decided to return to school. Becoming a Health Coach certified in gut health has given me the tools to not only to recover completely but also pay it forward by helping women like you, get past their roadblocks as well.

This Program is Not For You if You Are



Not committed to implementing necessary steps to reach your goals


Are not open to new suggestions


Already have the answers to all your questions


Don't believe that change is possible

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Institute for integrative nutrition
Institute for integrative nutrition