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About Me

If you are like me…

…You have been an entrepreneur, parent & multitasker most of your adult life. Somewhere along the path life got in the way and your health got pushed to the back seat. You thought you could handle it just like everything else. Unfortunately, that’s not how it played out. I totally get it!   

about me

Who am I working with

Fun successful people, who on the road to success, have lost some of their health. These fun successful people might be suffering from digestive or diet related health issues.

They are ready to rock their health. 

Their health issues and necessary diet changes have taken control of their work, private, sex, social, and family life, where business meetings, vacations, gatherings, and romantic relations have been suppressed. 

Who I Am

My name is Andi. I am a Virtual Health Coach, certified in gut health. I am a mother of 4 and a serial entrepreneur for the past 30 years. After having encountered several health issues including food sensitivity I knew I needed to approach it head on. I needed to get to the bottom of things so I could reinvent myself while improving my health and flourishing in life. Today I am healthy and without digestive issues. My diet and lifestyle changes got me where I am today and helped me reach my goals.

As an entrepreneur I can share and coach my experiences, implement my knowledge and create personalized  roadmaps for a successful, healthy life. 

During our time together we will  connect the dots between nutrition, physical and psychological well being. I will teach you how to take the necessary steps to truly integrate a healthy lifestyle into your career and continue to rock life at its best.

Fun Successful People are: 

  • Ready to take back their health
  • Regain confidence
  • Ready to connect the dots between physical, psychological and their dietary needs, and how to integrate them into their busy schedules in a successful and efficient way.
  • Get back to business their way
  • Nourish themselves and their families without sacrifice!

About Healthy For Food

When life threw me a curveball, digestive issues became my number one acquaintance. They kept me from performing to my fullest potential at work and as a parent. You know what I mean?! I could not figure out how to eat, cook or prepare for my day without upsetting my stomach. Nausea, stomach pains, panic attacks, brain fog and anxiety became my new normal.
Instead of getting better, I got worse.

This Program is Not For You if You Are



Not committed to implementing necessary steps to reach your goals


Are not open to new suggestions


Already have the answers to all your questions


Don't believe that change is possible

My Story

I was diagnosed with a gluten-sensitivity in 2009 while ending a 17-year marriage and trying to start a new life all while adjusting to single motherhood and running my business full time. I felt isolated from the outside world as my symptoms had taken over my life, while losing control over everything happening around me. 

My stressful life was all I could handle at the time, so I continued to suffer day in and day out with digestive issues accompanied with anxiety/panic attacks, depression, elevated heart rate, brain fog and never-ending nausea. Parenthood and work suffered right along me.          

It was not until the Summer of 2011 when I had no other choice than to give in to my digestive issues once I became scared for my life while visiting my family in Germany. 

I finally realized I needed to take better care of myself, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take care of my children or my business and I hated that thought. I had to accept the fact that I needed to go gluten-free and adjust my lifestyle to meet my needs as my doctor had suggested two years prior.

My diet changes were rather difficult and complicated, Trying to figure out how to eat, what to eat and how to feed my family all at the same time. Looking at old pictures today, I can’t believe how sick I looked without admitting at the time how sick I actually felt.

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After a long time of retraining myself to eat a different way, while failing and starting over and over again, I discovered that diet was not the only issue keeping me from being healthy again. 

I knew I needed to attack this journey head on, not just for me but also for my kids and my business. With much research, soul searching and 5 years of education I became who I am today. A female entrepreneur, a Lifestyle & Health Integration Coach certified in gut health, living an extremely healthy life without digestive issues or any of the other accompanied issues. I was even able to get off the heart medication I was prescribed back in the day for my panic attacks. 

The most important thing I learned during my journey is that this is not a diet change but a lifestyle change and very well worth it!

I am so excited to be here today to offer my help to all the female entrepreneurs walking in the same shoes I did.

With the experience, knowledge and tools I used to change my life, I am here to teach you that life does not control you, but you control your life. You are  strong with much to give to this world, so take your power back today! If I can do it so can you! 

Institute for integrative nutrition
Institute for integrative nutrition