As I come to a close with chapter one of my education to become a health coach at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN), I feel extremely accomplished. As some of you know I decided to return to college approximately five years ago, where I started getting my education in substance abuse counseling which I pursued for two years with one year of interning at a Substance abuse facility. I loved my education it fascinated to me. I came to the conclusion though that I am not getting any younger and starting a new career requiring between 3000 to 5000 certified work hours and hardly any pay at my age with four children, and being a single mother, may not be the route I should take at this time of my life. I continued to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up and pursued an education in psychology, which again I absolutely loved. I have to say psychology is one of my favorite subjects in school. This time though, I struggled with the idea of ending up with tens of thousands of dollars owed in school loans, again not really a thing I wanted to do, after all I went back to school to better my life not to worsen it financially.


During my internship as a substance abuse counselor the profession “Health Coach” came across my path. I liked the sound of it, but I really did not know what it meant. What does a health coach do? I had no idea. About 8 months prior to my deciding to become a health coach, IIN crossed my path on the internet. I checked it out, did some research, but decided it was not the right time yet as I was not yet sure if this is what I wanted to do. At this point I had finished with my substance abuse counseling, my psychology classes and my internship. I was working hard at my salon with weddings on weekends, gardening in between salon work and also catering on weekends, when suddenly I had this conclusion that came to my mind, “How much longer will I be working seven days a week at times?”. I was tired, I wanted better for myself, I went back to school so I didn’t have to do this kind of work, and I felt all my education for the past  three years was down the drain. “What a waste!”


At this time, I had forgotten about IIN, I could not even remember the name of it, but what I did remember was that I very much liked what I had found when I did some research earlier in the year, about what a health coach is. Suddenly the puzzle pieces from all of my education came to fit perfectly together. All the education on how to counsel for substance abuse I could use towards being a health coach. As a health coach we council/coach our clients on making better choices for themselves, with choosing healthier foods, exercise, getting in touch with our body’s needs, becoming aware of what our triggers are, where we stress the most, what it is that we have to change in our lives to be able to live a healthier, happier life. These were all things I already had experienced and learned about. My values growing up with home-cooking, my experiences with a stressful marriage and divorce, my health issues from stress, and gluten sensitivity, learning to cope and take back control of my life. These were all things I could help my clients with as a health coach, guiding them to take charge of their life again, for whatever reason.


It amazes me how long it took for me to figure out how I wanted to spend the rest of my career. I love hairdressing. I have been a hairdresser for thirty years and have owned my salon for eleven. Even though I love my job, I became restless, feeling that there had to be something more I could do by helping people not just look beautiful on the outside, but also to feel it on the inside. We all go through struggles in life, and if you are anything like me, you always feel like you need to go through it yourself, as if you were all alone. Truly though you don’t have to, I am so excited to have finished my IIN course on becoming a health coach. I have learned so much in the past five years with all my schooling and mostly through IIN, not just about diets and nutrition, primary and secondary foods, counseling styles and more, but I have learned so much more about myself, who I am and who I want to be, and that my ability in helping people being amazing from the inside out, makes my job as a health coach perfect.


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! I would like to hear what kind of accomplishments you have had in your life and if you had similar experiences as I did. Also, if you felt inspired by my story and are in need of a health coach please contact me at any time, by replying to this post.

Thanks again, till next time!