Having to have the life of a gluten free diet, was very difficult for me in the beginning. It took much adjustment to foods I had never cooked, baked with and just eaten instead of the foods I was used to.

Bread was one of my biggest sacrifices, as I was a self-proclaimed breadaholic I would call myself. God I could sit and eat a whole loaf of good French bread with some yummy cheese in one sitting. Growing up in Germany, bread is like the main ingredient to many different things. Bread is like the goddess of food. With this being said, it took me a very long time to find good gluten free bread that I could accept as something taking the place of what I was used to.

If you are someone that is just starting out on gluten free foods, this blog should help you with making your decisions a bit easier than it was for me. So, to help you find foods for your pantry or refrigerator I will post a blog every Wednesday about the foods I have and keep in my pantry and refrigerator. This way your search will hopefully be a bit easier, than it was for me.



Today I will start with bread, as you have read above. This was the hardest thing for me to find. The constant disappointment of finding awful bread was just very discouraging, and there were many of them. May I just remind you as well, that when I first became gluten free, gluten free was still kind of in hiding. The awareness was much less then it is today. Today, gluten free foods are much more available, and the awareness is definitely growing. I live in the northwest corner of Connecticut, where I must say I’m still quite disappointed with the awareness towards gluten free foods, as it has not really caught on as much as I would like it to. Therefor I don’t go out to eat all too much unless we want to spend a good size buck on dinner or travel outside of my area.

For me going out and eating a good meal, must be that it is not just gluten free but also having good nutritious ingredients. Not premade or delivered on a truck, bulk or frozen. I need food that comes from sustainable farming, no matter if that is meat or vegetables or fruits. So, as you can see, I am quite picky when it comes to my gluten free. I try to have the most nutritious, healthy and best foods for my family and I in my pantry and refrigerator.

Ok so here we go, the bread I love to eat comes from the “Our Daily Bread Company”, who are the creators of the “Gluten Free Bakery”. Whom I purchase their bread, from my health food store “Guidos” in Great Barrington, Massachusetts where I shop every Saturday. The Bakery is based out of Chatham NY, (I have not been there, but I hear its very good). The bakery has a café where you can eat and purchase not only bread but pastries and cookies as well. The location makes this quite local, which of course I love. You can also visit them on their website at www.ODBeFree.com where you can order your breads from, along with a list of locations of different grocery stores carrying their breads, which is just wonderful.

The bread comes in different flavors, Buckwheat is my personal favorite, it also comes in Rye, Original, and Cinnamon Raisin. There might be more, but these are the once I am aware of. The bread has 11 ingredients which are all known and readable and that’s a good thing on my processed foods list.

I love to eat it toasted with some grass-fed, unsalted butter and some local honey or jam, yumm.

Well this is it for today. I hope this a good beginning of many more to come, let me know if you know about this bread or if you are going to try, let me know what your take is on this bread, and how you may enjoy it the most.  Leave comments below, I always love hearing from you. Till next Wednesday bye and enjoy the sunshine.