As I have mentioned many times before, when I first became gluten-free I thought the world of good food had come to an end. Trying to figure out the food I could eat and not eat. I guess the most challenging thing was to figure out the ways of continuing to eat the foods I loved so much, but without the gluten and without compromising the taste. This lead to learning more about the nutritional values I needed to heal my gut.

Growing up in Germany I was always surrounded by nutritious home-made food. Processed foods were not a thing in my home, everything I ate was made by my mother. I never ate cereal, any kind of packaged foods not even anything simple as a gravy mix. I never was introduced to Mexican food, things like tacos, nachos, burritos….When I first tried tacos I actually did not like them very much. My ex-husband loved tacos, so I made them quite a bit and actually learned to like them. I didn’t like using packaged taco mix or packaged anything, but my ex-husband was quite used to this kind of food, so I kind of adapted to this way of cooking, which was fine as it made everyone happy and I truly did not consider at any time that this could possibly be unhealthy for me or my family. Everyone cooked tacos like this, so what the heck, why not.

The way I was introduced to tacos was by using ground beef, with ElPaso taco mix, on a flour tortilla, add lettuce, tomato and cheese. After my divorce I changed things a bit, I switched out beef for ground turkey with ElPaso taco mix, flour tortilla, beans, lettuce salsa and cheese. By now I loved tacos, the kids loved tacos, and it is a cheap, easy quick dinner idea. It worked for me as money was tight and getting used to being a single mom was challenging.

When I became gluten-free I thought that this was one of those foods that I could not eat anymore as the flour tortilla, of course, had gluten and so did the taco mix. The process of re-training my brain and getting away from my old habits took some time. Still today I seem to have this light bulb moment every so often when it comes to my cooking. I guess what I am trying to say, that for some who have lived healthy for all their life it would be a simple answer on how to change my simple and easy tacos to gluten-free, but because I was still so overwhelmed with the necessary changes to my diet, to me the changes did not seem simple, but impossible. I knew the answers to my questions, the problem was they were hidden all the way in the back of my brain, so things seemed much more complicated than they actually were. 17 years of cooking one way took some time to re-train my brain.

Today my gluten-free tacos are literally better than any tacos in the past. Thinking about the fact that such a simple meal could seem so complicated to make when it comes to a food sensitivity is kind of crazy, don’t you think? Today I make my own mixes of spices as my taco mix and use organic corn tortillas, all the toppings I can think of at the time, and viola the best gluten-free tacos made to my dinner table. I have to admit I should call them overstuffed tacos, as they truly are overstuffed and get kind of tricky to eat at times. I love my toppings, the more the better.

I do, would like to add that finding the right gluten-free tortillas took me a while to find, as there are more and more options available. I have tried many different kinds such as Udi’s, or tortillas made from almond flour and some other brands I can’t remember at the moment. My favorites, and the ones I always come back to are “Maria and Ricardos, gluten-free corn tortillas,” I am a  believer that when it comes to tacos a tortilla that breaks is just not a good fit for the meal you are trying to eat. These are soft and flexible and taste good as well. Being this the main structure of a taco, I find this quite important information. They are small in size, but who cares? I’ll just have two.


So, here are my ingredients to my taco mix and the yummy add-ins to make it just delicious. Remember I did not measure in this recipe as I feel the amount of spice is quite a personal preference. Some like it spicier and others might like it a bit milder. I like it more in the middle. So, take these ingredients and add them to the mix by however you feel on how much should be added. This is just giving you an idea on what to put in it, as always. I like to encourage you to use your imagination and play with it. That is what I like to do with most of my food. It makes it so much more fun when you cook, and it gives it an extra kick of taste every so often.


Taco spice mix:

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cayenne
  • Chili Powder
  • Paprika

I sprinkle these on one by one while cooking my ground chicken or turkey in the frying pan with lots of garlic.

To my tacos I like to add:

Black beans cooked with onion garlic, salt and pepper

  • Corn
  • Lettuce
  • Jalapeno
  • Salsa
  • Tomato
  • Cheese of your liking
  • Sour cream


I also like to add avocado or make guacamole. Sometimes depending on my mood, I have added something sweet like pineapple or mango to the mix as well. The ingredients in meat are also endless, you can use anything from beef to chicken, pork, turkey or fish, or if you vegan or vegetarian make it with tofu. This is such an easy, kid-friendly and healthy meal, that your imagination can just keep on playing.

I use all organic non-GMO ingredients, and when it comes to my meats, I always and I strongly recommend to anyone reading this. If you can’t afford organic, please use humanely raised without antibiotic and hormone-free meats. This is so important I cannot stress about it enough. What we eat is what we become. To me, there is nothing more important than to make sure the foods I eat come from a well-trusted source. It took me a long time to find them all but boy I will not ever let go of them, I can tell you it has made a huge difference in my life when it comes to my wellbeing.

So have fun cooking away the gluten-free way. Thank you so much for reading, I hope this helped you a bit and brought you some joy. I love to hear from you as always, any comments just leave them below. I am so much looking forward to hearing from you and I’ll see you again next time. Have a great Sunday!