Not too long ago I was asked by Jess, the owner of the Beacon Bread Co. if I would like to try out one of their bake-at-home breads. I thought about it for a solid three minutes and decided that most definitely I would try their bread. I am always open for a challenge of trying something new, especially if it involves baking or cooking. The delicious pictures on Instagram have been super enticing. I love bread. Bread and chocolate are my biggest addictions in life. It has to be good bread though. Like, don’t even tell me that wonder bread or anything similar to that is bread. My definition to bread is “crispy crust with a soft elastic center, strong enough to spread some semi-cold butter without it breaking, made from wholesome nutritious ingredients, baked with love in an oven at a bakery, not a factory”. This bread could have any flavor from sourdough to French baguette, whole wheat, 12 seed, sunflower, pumpernickel….I love them all. Or should I say I miss them all! Being gluten-free has definitely set me into bread withdrawals!

Most importantly bread needs to be able to be enjoyed toast free. That’s what makes it a perfectly good bread.

I have never found a replacement for these breads, Gluten-free breads just can’t keep up with the true breads. I have written in one of my past blogs about the bread that has become my favorite gluten-free bread, which I thought was the best there is. This bread is from the Gluten-Free Bakery in the Hudson Valley, I wrote my blog about on May 22nd, 2019.

Only little did I know, and this proves that no matter how much you think you know about something, you can always learn more. Thank you Jess, for picking me to try your bread. The Beacon Bread Co. has accomplished a breakthrough in gluten-free bread. The fact that this family has been baking it since 1983 is just incredible. Especially since gluten sensitivity or celiac was not a very well-known condition at that time, so I thought, but then I was still a busy teenager in Germany in the 80’s, so who knows what I missed out on.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of baking the white bread from the Beacon Bread Co. The bread mixture came delivered to me by mail, from Pennsylvania where the company has been originated. The organic flour mixture came in a wax-covered envelope like a brown bag with a window across so you can see the actual flour mixture. The directions are on the backside of the bag, which are quite simple. All you need are four ingredients: water, oil, eggs and apple cider vinegar. Prepare yourself for the inviting and delicious smell you will be getting throughout your home while baking this bread.

The directions are very simple but a bit time consuming as you need to include the mixing time, which is 20 minutes, the rising time and also the baking time. All this added together came to about 120 min. The rising time in the oven was called to let rise for 40-60 min. at 100 Fahrenheit or 38 Celsius, this gave me a bit of trouble and some rethinking as my ovens lowest temperature is 170 but starts preheating at about 135 Fahrenheit, so I let it heat up to about 140 turned the oven off let it cool for a bit then placed the rising dough in the oven, about halfway through I repeated the heating process. This worked very well, as the dough rose enough to overflow the loaf pan. I find this bread could easily be made in an evening or on a weekend day when you need to be home for some reason anyway. It doesn’t take much energy, just a bit of time. Taking the time to make this bread is totally worth it.

For my baking needs, I use stone wear and for some reason, it stuck a bit to the bottom of my loaf pan, but I got it out eventually, and I finally got to enjoy the bread.

Before I tell you this, let me mention that I am the only person in this family who is actually gluten-free, so to everyone else they are just along for the ride. May I say everyone in my household was swarming over this bread! Yes, this is easily a bread anyone can eat and will love! The consistency is so airy, fluffy elastic, and moist, with a crispy crust (yessss finally) I have never seen this in a gluten-free bread before. Just beautiful! What I find even more amazing, is that after making a point in keeping the bread around and not devouring it right away, it has kept the form elasticity, airiness, and moisture three days past the baking day, no crumbling.


The taste has a little sweetness, but also a tat of nuttiness, extremely pleasant scrumptious and enjoyable. Day three was the first time I tried the bread toasted, not that it needed to be toasted by any means, but I wanted to see how it would hold up and if the taste would improve or dissolve. If you eat gluten-free bread you know exactly what I am talking about. Well, look no further because the taste of this bread just keeps on improving, no matter what you do with it.  What a mouthwatering pleasure this experience has been for me and my family. Not once in the past ten years on my gluten-free journey have I ever enjoyed any kind of gluten-free bread un-toasted, as much I have enjoyed this bread. This bread never needs any toasting! I am sad that I have no bread left I would love to have experienced other things as well, such as French toast, or grilled cheese, I bet they will taste out of this world. I guess I have to order some, so I can continue living through the heavenly tastes over and over again.



Jess, I will be a lifelong customer of yours, you and your family have truly outdone yourself when it comes to making this bread. So, I thank you for starting your new business and making this bread available to the public, as you send your bread mix nationally. For my readers, you have to try this bread, very little baking experience is needed here. Don’t be intimidated, this is so worth trying, I promise you will love it. It is so worth the time!  If you are interested in ordering any bread mix find Jess and her company on Instagram and Facebook at the Beacon Bread Co.(Gluten-free)

Jess, you are completely correct when you said that this process of baking your own gluten-free bread is simple and easy. Looks like I have a new favorite!!

To all my readers, thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this read as much as I enjoyed writing about it. For questions or comments please leave below. I hope to see you again next time.