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Bone Broth is one of my basic kitchen essentials when it comes to hearty and healthy ingredients. I like to replenish my stock once a week. Bone broth has amazing nutritional values and is very easy on the digestive system.

When making bone broth, I believe it has to come from a trusted source where I know the animal has been humanely raised and had a good life, no stress, no hormones no antibiotics, free range living the chicken life or cow life . Out in nature doing what these animals do without being mistreated.

This goes with all the meat I eat as much as I can possibly afford to, but when it comes to bones it is an absolute must, no exceptions. I like to get my bones from my trusted farm 3 minutes from my house, where I buy much of my meat as well.

So the way I like to make bone broth is by using chicken bones. Beef is not something I eat as I don’t like the taste but if you are a beef eater feel free to use a good source of beef bones. Just know that using beef bones can make the broth extremely strong. Chicken is a much milder taste.

I use my broth for cooking or making soup and sometimes I just drink a coup of broth instead of tea. I love the mild and hearty taste, plus its great as warm drink when cold.

This is a super easy recipe. The only thing is that it is time consuming, as the cook time is between 8-12 hours. Some people let the broth cook even longer, so it’s a project for a day that you know you are home. Sundays is usually my day, knowing I’m not really going anywhere and if I do someone will be home, as I don’t like to leave the house with the stove on.

I use chicken backs, chicken carcass from dinner the day before, chicken bones or feet.

Place your bones in a large pot. I usually use what comes in one bag


2-3 onion

1 whole

8-12 garlic gloves

2-3 carrots

1 celery root

2-3 parsnips

½ bunch parsley

Fill with water, bring to a boil, then set to a light simmer and forget about it for 12 hours.

If you have to split up the cooking time that’s fine. I have done that in the past as well.

Once all finished cooking, separate the ingredients from the broth and sift the broth so it will be nice a smooth. Enjoy right away or store in the fridge. I don’t usually like to go past one week.

Enjoy this goodness of nutrients. It’s easy on the digestive system and satisfying.

Thanks so much for stopping by;

Enjoy 😊