I love this kind of snack, but then I could eat Avocados morning day and night. Guacamole is just something super special to me, especially eating it with veggies, this truly could be all I would eat for dinner. Of course, guacamole can be used on anything Mexican, such as nachos, as a side dish, appetizer, or as a snack.

Let’s make this delicious snack:

2 ripe avocados mashed (avocados are part of the clean 15 so organic is not a necessity)

3-4 garlic cloves minced

Olive Oil

1 Lime (depending on how juicy it is)

Sea salt, Pepper, Cayenne, Turmeric

½ bunch Fresh chopped Cilantro

Let’s mash the Avocados then add all other indigents other than the cilantro.

Cilantro always goes in last, that way it will keep its form/consistency.


Viola, here you have it one yummy quick, immensely healthy snack. Avocados are part of the healthy fats family, high in anti-inflammatory properties, high in antioxidants, high in vitamin A which is so important for a strong immune system, B Vitamins, C, E, Selenium also important for healthy immune function, Omega 3 fatty acids…..


Avocados are also great for:

  • heart health
  • blood sugar regulation
  • weight management
  • regulate cholesterol
  • and so much more


Veggie chips:

I call my veggies chips veggie chips cause its more fun to eat them that way, lol.

All I do is cut up veggies, and then dip them in my guacamole, it’s so delicious try it!

My favorites are carrots as I can cut them in the form of a chip, but cucumbers, zucchini are also a great shape for a chip.

This snack is even healthy and light enough as an evening snack after dinner if you like to snack in the evening, no guilty feelings there, as long as you snack two hours before bed, as we don’t want to interrupt your sleep pattern.

If you enjoyed this recipe:

watch out for next weeks. I have a feeling you might like that one as well. I’ll give you a little hint, it has something to do with chickpeas and sweet potatoes.


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