Having an amazing time and living life to the fullest while vacationing in Colorado this past week, makes it really hard returning to reality. On top of that, I caught a really bad summer head and chest cold after my return. So, I’m sitting here today attempting to ease my way back into reality in the working world. Even though I have worked double shifts since my return, my sickness forced me to take more time off since Sunday, and even though it was not a consistent time off, it still makes it truly hard to think “ yes I do have to work for a living” ugh! Do you ever feel that way? I have days where I wake up and wish I could just be rich and do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and not worry about my darn bills. Who is with me on that?

Anyway, my promise was to keep you posted on my gluten-free experience while spending an amazing time in Colorado. So, we stayed in the Boulder area of Louisville and we traveled as far as Colorado Springs and Estes Park. To my surprise, I never once had to worry about not being able to have gluten-free food anywhere. It was such a pleasant surprise to me that I took advantage of all the deliciousness and truly forgot about the nutritional values, especially when I ate my daily chocolate-chocolate chip-hazelnut-raspberry gluten-free muffin from the Moxie Bread company right down the street from our Airbnb in Louisville. Literarily to die for, just so good. Now, this business did not show up on my “Find me gluten-free” app. We had decided to go to Moxie for coffee. Everything looked so yummy and inviting that I couldn’t hold myself back and ask if they did have any gluten-free options as well. They had a selection of about 4 different baked goods including the muffins I have been bragging about. I can’t remember what the other options were as my brain focused solely on the muffins, maybe a chocolate coconut macaroon as well. They also had gluten-free bread, all seedy and grainy and dark, so scrumptious so I could have any sandwich they had on the menu, just amazing. The customer service on top of the deliciousness was truly outstanding. Everyone had a smile on and never in too much of a rush to answer any of your questions. The moxie bread company uses a great variety of organic and wholesome ingredient, you can see that as soon as you walk through the door. I feel that the people at the Moxie Bread Company are truly striving for wholesome and nutritious goodness. This place was definitely my absolute favorite place for our morning routine. My non-gluten-free members of my family that traveled with me were completely taken on how good everything was, from croissants to Danishes, and sandwiches and coffee were mouth-watering. The best latte in town and the Moxie mist oh yummy, made from a full tea leaf, with honey and milk, “heavenly”.

What I also loved about this place was the atmosphere. Everyone and everything had such a positive and friendly vibe. It is the kind of place where you could hang out and make friends immediately. Or you could find a nice corner to sit either inside or out to keep to yourself and work away on your computer if you wish to do so. I feel there was a little something for everyone. It felt extremely welcoming; I love this kind of atmosphere. You don’t find places such as these very often. So, when I do, I like to appreciate and treasure them.

In my journey of blogging the one thing, I still need to truly work on is on taking pictures, in this case, my stomach overpowered my eyes which means I couldn’t take a picture fast enough without eating my food. So, therefore, I’m truly sorry to not have any pictures of all the deliciousness I have been talking about. I am going to post a link to their website, so you can see the address and what the bakery looks like at the bottom of my blog. Unfortunately, there is no mention of any gluten-free items, but I contacted the owner and hopefully, it will be updated as I feel the news needs to spread to anyone gluten-free.

I would highly recommend this bakery to anyone living near, traveling to or just passing through the quaint part of old Louisville. Not only will you fall in love with the town, but also with the people and definitely with the Moxie Bread company.

I hope you enjoyed this read, let me know what your thoughts might be if you have been to this incredible place or not, and if so what did you think about it?