Eggs, eggs and more eggs. Who doesn’t love eggs? We love eggs. We pretty much eat them almost daily for breakfast. We like them over easy, sunny side up, scrambled with lots of delicious add-ins, but my favorite is definitely a soft-boiled breakfast egg, with a nicely toasted gluten-free bread some grass-fed butter and jam, yummm.

I love to purchase farm-fresh eggs as often as I can. If I don’t get the chance I will by organic, humanely raised eggs, from my local health food store. Farm-raised directly from the source is definitely my absolute favorite. I believe the darker the yolk the higher the nutrients in the egg. Actually, egg yolk is one of those foods that contain Vitamin D, also found in Salmon, Herring, Cod Liver Oil. I love salmon, but the rest I could do without, I much rather eat eggs. I don’t’ think a day goes by where there are no eggs in my fridge.


I know the debate has been for many years “are eggs good or bad for you”? Well, I don’t have the complete answer for that, but I do know that the quality of eggs has much to do with the nutritional value of eggs. I guess this question follows back with just any kind of food that we eat. The difference between grass-fed meats, dairy, or humanely raised stock and industrial raised stock, fruits and vegetable grown from GMO seeds and sprayed with pesticides. I like to look at it this way, by comparing my life with the animal’s life. I know you may think “what is she talking about?”

So I am talking about the time when I was very stressed in my life because of the surrounding elements that confined me in my stress. These stressful elements caused me to feel unwell, they caused me to be unhappy, develop my food sensitivity, caused me panic and anxiety amongst other things. Also, my intake of healthy food was limited due to unawareness. Imagine what this did to my body and my well-being. It made me literally ill. With this, my performance was off in doing just about anything from working to household chores or cooking.

Imagine an animal in such distress, do you think it affects their well-being? Being locked in a cage never seeing the sunlight, never eating fresh grass, never interacting with their barn mates in a friendly way, being mistreated by humans and other barn mates, being miserable, sad, hurt. Never having enough room to even move more than an inch, how would you feel? Would you feel stressed to where stress may make you ill? Do you want to eat a product from an ill animal?

I know this sounds horrible, but we all know this is how it works! I know that when I was stressed and ill my ability to perform well in my daily life was a quarter of what it needed to be. I am sure there are many people out there who would argue with me on this subject, and that is totally fine. We are all different, our bodies adapt differently to certain things, and maybe it is the same with animals.

The one thing I know for sure is that once I started taking care of myself and that included choosing the food I eat to most benefit my body, I started to feel better and better and then amazing. I know that when I crack an egg from an unhappy stressed, never seen the sun, mistreated and ill chicken it is the color of a pale yellow, not very inviting. It does not look nutritious and is kind of depressing looking. When I crack an egg from a happy, healthy, humanely raised, out on the pasture with its friends, being able to interact with its pasture mates the way a chicken was meant to interact, eating all the nutritious things chickens eat outside, absorbing the sun the egg yolk is a beautiful deep orange, it looks happy, inviting, delicious, nutritious and it sure looks like the chicken was a happy sun chicken. Which egg would you choose to eat? Living in New England having cold yucky winters I can even see a slight difference in the orange color between summer and winter. The yolk is a nice orange in the winter, but a deep orange in the summer. I know I get sun-deprived and moody in the winter. Maybe the chicken feels the same?

I can only speak for myself here, but I am trying to encourage people especially the ones feeling unwell, to pay a bit more attention to the things they put into their bodies. Wonder where your daily food comes from? How was it raised? Were there pesticides added? Do I feel like this food could possibly have an effect on my wellbeing?  How do I feel after I consume the food? Does the diet I have been eating over the years have something to do with how I feel today?

In my case, the food, the stress, the way I did not take care of myself had everything to do with how I felt at that time. Once I started to pay more attention, became more aware, changed things in my life, welcomed new calming things into it and removed the things that stressed me, my life got much better. Do you think this reflects on our food sources as well? You know my opinion and why I have farm fresh eggs in my fridge, so I would love to hear your opinion. Where do you stand on humanely raised food sources and the eggs you eat?

Thanks so much for reading my blog, I’m so happy you stopped by. I hope you enjoyed it!

Till next time!