get smart about sugar

Get smart about sugar

For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why my digestive system kept giving me troubles, even though I had my food sensitivity under control. I accomplished eating gluten-free. I made sure I had a nicely balanced diet, the only thing I didn’t do was cut sugar from my diet.

Something sweet was always part of my daily diet. This could have been ice-cream, some kind of pastry, cake, candy, sugar in my coffee, and so on. I still kept eating processed gluten-free foods that had some kind of hidden sugar in it like corn syrup, Xylitol, Maltose, and so on.

Back then not only did I eat sugar, but I also didn’t look at any of the ingredients. I didn’t care where it came from. All I cared about was that it tasted good and it satisfied me at the moment.

I wasn’t feeling well but I just didn’t want to give my sweet treats up. I was convinced that it had nothing to do with my diet, as I always ate like this and why should it make a difference now?

Can you relate?

I felt like I had already given up enough by cutting out gluten and most dairy, so I thought
I deserved having my sweet treat every day.

I have been on a sugar-free diet for quite some time now and kinda regret that I didn’t welcome this change into my life any sooner.

With COVID-19 I have been made aware over and over again of how no one talks about the fact that we as individuals need to take better care of ourselves. With that comes eating less sugar, spread awareness about sugars in our diets, and learning to make better decisions for ourselves.

Sugar should be a treat, not a part of our daily diet. I highly believe that being physically healthier can help protect us from the disease.

It has been shown and mentioned by Dr. Mark Hyman and other doctors that 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, that means that 88% of Americans have a compromised immune system.

I believe that sugar is one of the many things that are the main culprit of this 88%. So, when I hear advertisements on the radio for fast food restaurants and processed foods during a pandemic such as this, instead of commercials for a healthier lifestyle, such as fruits and veggies or exercise it gets me very upset.

For this specific reason, I started taking things into my own hands. As it breaks my heart seeing so many people struggle, trying to eat healthier but just can’t figure out how or where to start.

So, what did I do?

The 3 things I like to offer to anyone are:

  • Virtual shopping tours (this way it doesn’t matter where you are in the country) this is how we will connect through FaceTime, WhatsApp, and shop together. I will help you answer any questions you have during our shopping trip, and guide you towards the foods that are good for you
  • My FREE GUIDE, “The 411 on Hidden Sugars” is a guide that I put together to give you info about the hidden sugars in our diet, the many names of sugars, how sugar affected my health, how the food industry changed things around back in the ’70s and more. On top of that, I included a free guide on artificial sweeteners as many of us think that they would be the healthier choice when in fact they are not. With this guide, I will prompt you to sign up to my weekly newsletters that will bring you information about healthy and fulfilled lifestyle and nutrition
  • I am in the process of developing a 30-day online sugar class, which will be available to you for a low price at $47.00. That’s because I want to get as much awareness out to as many people as possible, but I do need to make an income as well so I can keep doing what I do.

Since I have stopped eating sugars on a daily basis and have cut added sugars out of my life, things truly have turned around for me.

  • My food sensitivity symptoms have subsided
  • My digestive issues are gone
  • My overall health has increased
  • I have been able to rid of my heart medication
  • I have been without panic attacks
  • I have been without anxiety
  • My blood sugar levels are stable

You can get to this point in your life as well. It took me some time to truly commit to myself and take my health seriously enough to take the necessary steps to improve my overall wellbeing. Once I made that commitment things turned around quickly for me.

I hope you will take advantage of my FREE gifts to you, share them with people you know that may need support when it comes to their diet and their shopping chores.

Remember, awareness is the greatest power source when it comes to our health, so use it towards your advantage.

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