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As I am finding my way in being a health coach, I have focused mainly on gluten-sensitivity, as this is pretty much my life. I’m sure you have read my past blogs as I am talking about gluten sensitivity, explaining my story, and how I got here. I must admit it is funny how the universe works all so often, sending me one stressful issue after another, some of them were completely out of my hands and very close to my heart. Even though I know all the right tools on how to act when situations come into my life such as these, using them, on the other hand, is another thing, and yes, I am guilty myself on not using my tools to the fullest potential at times. Usually, when stressors are brought into my life and are very close to my heart, that is when I lose my way of doing the right things for my health. With this being said, these situations make me not eat right for one, they make me tired and sometimes depressed and at times I even forget to eat. I have a tendency to throw myself into even more work, so I can just forget about it for a bit, try to move on and accept the fact that it is out of my control. So, I am taking this past experience as a setback, but also a reminder that something I had forgotten about is truly still in my life.

Taking care of myself, eating the right foods and exercising amongst other things I pushed aside the fact that I have a condition called “non-diabetic-Hypoglycemia.” I pretty much have had it almost all my life. As I have gotten older though, this has come more to the forefront of my health, whereas when I was a kid, I truly did not have any symptoms from it, at least I don’t remember any of them. My mom has it and I know it is hereditary. Anyways in my early to late 20’s is when I noticed actual symptoms, and the past 25 years I have figured out how to eat accordingly, so I would not have any episodes. Having a hypoglycemic episode is no fun whatsoever. To me, it is one of the scariest times I have ever known, so much worse than panic attacks. No breathing exercise can help you with that.

Needless to say, stress can be a controlling factor in my episodes just as it was this past time, as it led me to not to take care of myself the way I knew I should have. It has become the factor for my hypoglycemic episode. What happens when I have an episode is just frightening! With me it is called reactive hypoglycemia, this happens if I don’t eat every few hours, or don’t eat  the right foods such as lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, but eat just the opposite such as too many carbs, more sugary things such as ice cream and pizza or if I just don’t eat for long periods of time. Believe it or not, I can forget to eat when I am super busy, and when I am stressed. I have the tendency to put myself on the back burner and throw myself into working more than usual. Suddenly I will look up as I don’t feel well. It starts with a bit of lightheadedness, not much then a slight rush comes through my body and I start feeling nauseous. By that time, I look at the time and realize I haven’t even had lunch and it’s already 3 or 4 pm. If I have something handy, I can sometimes beat it but if I don’t then forget it. This is what happened during this last episode that reminded me why I had such a hard time adjusting to a gluten-free diet in the first place. Just because I had it under control did not mean I was cured or that I didn’t have to keep taking increasingly better care of myself.

So when I’m in a situation such as this one, I can get to the point where I can’t talk, eat, I get cold sweats, my body starts to shake, I get quiet and panic starts to kick in a bit because I know I have to eat, but I can’t because I feel so nauseous from the episode, so I try to chew my food but can’t’ swallow it until I finally get it down with fluids such as juice or water, whatever I have handy at the time. I know what to do but I can’t do it as my body is working against me at this point. My body is pretty much saying “fuck you”! How come you have neglected me? So here try to beat this! Try to drink this juice with jerky hands, try to eat this while feeling like you need to vomit, oh and then let’s make it so you feel like you truly need to go to the bathroom, but walking feels insecure, so you better take a bathroom buddy with you, cause chances are you may pass out, and if you do pass out you are in deep shit. Needless to say, it’s not a pretty place to be in, especially in public, as it happens to be with me in this last episode. Oh, have I mentioned I am gluten-free, and no gluten-free food was available to me, so I needed to eat what was available, and my stomach completely disliked that! This is what happens to me when I am stressed, and that stress is close to my heart. I throw myself into more work than I can handle, I forget to take care of myself run out the door non-prepared and end up in a situation such as this one. Let’s face it shit happens, I definitely call these situations in my life shit situations, so excuse my language.

So today I am actually taking that as a blessing because as I have thought about my shit situation more and more, I have realized just how little information is out there on non-diabetic hypoglycemia, especially when it comes to people with a gluten sensitivity, where the right foods may not always be available. The situations where you are truly human and leave the house unprepared and you think you can do this because you have a plan on getting dinner after the meeting, but then the meeting runs late and the restaurant that is still open at 9pm does not serve one gluten-free item on the menu, and yes lunch was at 1pm so there you have it. Just because I am a health coach, does not mean I am not human and I don’t make mistakes, I am just like everyone else. My job is to take my experiences and my knowledge and share it with you, so you may not have to work so hard in finding your way to better health.

Trying to plan your life around the foods you can and can’t eat, plus the fact that you need to eat on a regular basis, can get difficult at times, even more so when you add in a food sensitivity such as gluten or even worse celiac. Situations such as these set me back for a while and I take a few weeks to get my bearings back. My confidence goes down, and I don’t want to leave my home, as my home becomes my security blanket, because here I have everything I need to survive. Out there in the world, I cannot trust anyone other than myself to have exactly what I need when I need it. So when I need to leave to go stay somewhere overnight in an area where I am completely unfamiliar with the surrounding restaurants, stores, and food that is being cooked at the party, I need to bring my cooler and still I worry that the food I bring may not be enough, so of course I always bring too much. The biggest worry is that I will get another episode and this time for no reason just because I am not home because at home are all the foods that did not go in the cooler. I know it sounds silly and crazy, but these hypoglycemic episodes scare the crap out of me, and all at once I am reminded that indeed I can still get them and that indeed I am so vulnerable to anything I may do without preparation, is just scary.  

A hypoglycemic episode can actually put you in a coma and experiencing the facts of such a possibility is no fun and not to be taken lightly.

From today on I am dedicating my health coaching carrier towards women like me, that are gluten-sensitive while suffering from non-diabetic hypoglycemia. Together we will support and figure out the things that will work for you, so when you are taken back by your episodes and you need to get back on track, we will help each other. But most of all I will coach you on how to get your gluten-sensitivity under control, without it affecting your hypoglycemia and that is where my work will begin, in paying it forward towards others.  Bringing confidence into others lives so they can live outside of their homes again, and be in complete control over their health situations.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my blog! If you are interested in my Health Coaching Services click on the link below, where you can contact me.