When I first decided to take my doctors advice and cut gluten out of my diet I certainly did not realize what kind of journey I was beginning since attempts at getting my stomach and the rest of my body back to health, had failed. I had been struggling with stomach issues, anxiety, panic attacks for about two years at this time, I consistently felt tired, brain foggy, and just sick, everyday for about two years. My breaking point did not come until I went to Germany to see my family with my two daughters, and these three weeks were the worst weeks of my life. Instead of enjoying the company of my children, family and best friend, as well as all the good food that comes with it, I was miserable. Constant upset stomach, low blood pressure, racing heart for days at the time, waking up with panic attacks in the middle of the night, just miserable. At times during my vacation I felt as if I were about to die of a heart-attack. Thats when I swore I could not go on like this anymore, gluten was not worth my suffering. When I got home my transformation started, this was seven years ago today.

It has been a learning curve, adventure, and a true inspiration, to the point where I decided to become an IIN Health coach so I could help others like me to get their life back on track. When I first became gluten free, it was not a well known thing at the time. It only became well known to the public some what later in my journey. This meant I learned the heard way as gluten-free labeling was not a common thing yet. I mean who would have ever known that soy sauce, cold cuts or even mustard could contain gluten? I didn’t until I found out the hard way. Today gluten free products are labeled gluten free. Much simpler right? So today we know what cereals, sauces, mustards, granola bars……. and all the other processed foods, are gluten free, right ? So we have replaced all the unhealthy processed foods with gluten free unhealthy processed foods. Why do we do this to ourselves?  Gluten sensitivity comes from leaky gut syndrome, which means we need to heal our gut, and we cant do that by replacing unhealthy processed food with gluten free unhealthy processed foods, it means we need to go back to real foods, get back in the kitchen and cook our food.

When I first started my journey, my doctor’s advice  to me was to change my diet to a gluten free, organic and non-GMO diet. At first I thought oh my god, why? How can I do this? Can I do this? Then I decided: Yes I can do this! I am sick and tiered of being sick and tired! I decided that I am worth the effort to living an amazing healthy life.

This journey has changed me so much, it has brought me nutritional knowledge, awareness towards the importance of non-GMO foods, the use of pesticides on our foods, industrial farming, sustainable farming, the importance of organic foods, mindfulness, peace, awareness, exercise and one healthy happy body. My journey is still ongoing and will not end for a very long time, as I am learning everyday new and more exciting , valuable things to improve my life. This journey has given me the ability to become a health coach and  help anyone that suffers from gluten sensitivity or celiacs. Being a health coach has given me the capability to make your new journey seem less impossible but more rewarding to you.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it and it was of some help to you, and maybe it made you realize that their is a way of getting your life back on track. You are not alone on this journey.

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