My mom and I have one of our funny conversations in Germany!

This is my first of my Friday blogs which I will be posting weekly. This series of blogs will be about getting to know me as your health coach. How I became who I am today.

Before I get into details let me tell you this. Not in a million years had I ever thought that I would be an online presence. I never have liked social media all too much. I always felt too exposed and I strongly believed in personal privacy. Now with my new business HealthyForFood Health Coaching and being thrown into the mix of having to be on social media, I must say I struggle trying to get things right. Just the concept alone of taking a selfie and making it actually look somewhat descent is a very difficult task for me. I mean I don’t even go to the extreme of saying that I can make my selfie actually look good. Can you relate with me on that? I’m sure someday I will master this mission as well. One selfie at the time, right?

Anyway, let me get started for today. One of my fondest memories I like to think back to from when I was a little girl was one of my weekly chores. This was walking to the farm across town at the age of 4 or 5 to buy fresh milk from the farmer. Growing up in Germany I was handed responsibility at an early age. With this responsibility came of carrying the milk in the milk can without spilling any of it. My friend and I would walk together carrying our milk cans, to the other side of town, skipping and hopping and chatting away. Once we got to the farm, I remember this goose that would always chase us and I was kind of scared of it, so I would always be on the lookout and make sure the goose was not anywhere near me. Once we made it safely into the barn we would jump into piles of hay while waiting for our milk. I think maybe that’s why I love the smell of hay and barn so much; such a great memory. On our way home we would walk slowly, and carefully, definitely no skipping home. Milk was very valuable to us and a treat.

I think I liked being given responsibility as a little girl. It made me feel grown-up. This was not the only thing though I loved so much. My mother would go and bake break at the town hall community stone oven, every week as well. That to me was not a responsibility I had to be a part of, but I loved going with her and watching her bake the bread. Oh boy do I remember that wonderful smell of bread baking. She would bake big sourdough loafs of bred. Fresh baked bread and farm fresh milk, how simple life was back then. Sometimes for a small second, I wish I could back to these small moments in my life, but then I check back quite quickly and remember how much I love my life now and everything that comes with it. It’s great to have memories like that though.

I wonder if you have a memory as significant as mine, from your childhood. I would love to hear some of things you loved doing, or responsibilities given as a small child. Times have changes so dramatically since I was born in 1971. Technology such as computers or cellphones was unheard of, but today we can’t imagine living without them.