I love to cook. I always have. Growing up, my mother had her own gardens with lots of vegetable and fruits. I remember planting myself underneath the red currant bush and just eating the red currants off of the little tiny twigs they grew on. My mother would always cook everything fresh. I never ate anything processed. She made her own jams, baked her own breads, we went to the farm for fresh milk. I would say that’s a part of my childhood I am very grateful for.

I am assuming that my love for cooking came from my mother and the way she believed food should be eaten. The thing with me though, is that I love to experiment in the kitchen. I love to look at all different recipes but I never really follow one all too much, but instead take different ideas on how I could make it my own. Cooking is fun. In a way it relaxes me. I can spend a whole Sunday in the kitchen cooking and preparing food for my Sunday dinners with my family and also prepare other things for our lunches for the most part of the week. Even though this sounds very time consuming, in the end it saves me time during the week.

I find it sad that home cooking has become almost foreign in today’s society. Everyone is in a rush, no one has time to prepare a meal, family dinners have become a luxury for many. Quick fixes such as processed foods, fast foods and pre-prepared foods have become the new norm.  I am not sure why or when this big change in society happened, but I believe that this may be related with to many health issues today’s society is facing.  We have learned to accept not taking time for ourselves anymore, and many of us don’t even pay attention to what is in the food we do eat. But that’s a subject for another day. To me its the best thing I can give to my family, it’s what I know how to do. I believe we are what we eat, and a good nutritious meal is one of the best gift that can be given to the people we love.

I always look for ways on how I can cook in healthier ways, as I try to substitute ingredients for better ones.  I must admit I have had many failed recipes amongst my successful ones. Most of the time when I experiment around I have the tendency not to write down the changes I made or the recipe I just came up with, so the joke at the dinner table is ” Enjoy it now, while it lasts, because you may never eat it again.”

Home cooking is an experience that brings families together. When I first got divorced money on my end was very tight. I couldn’t afford to by my children treats, but I could by the ingredients for a good meal, and for me that was something great. Having the pleasure of being in the company of my children, enjoying a good meal with laughter and great conversations…those times are just priceless.

With this blog I hope I was able to inspire you to experiment with your home cooking, or giving it just a try if you are not into cooking. I promise you the experience is worth it. We need more home cooking in our lives, which will bring us joy and more family time.

I know to some cooking may be a challenge, and if you are someone who does feel challenged, let me tell you a tiny secret, “cooking is forgiving”. If you make a small mistake it usually can be fixed quite easily. During my health coaching programs I offer cooking classes tailored towards your needs. So if you are interested in a health coach because you are going through challenges in your life due to diet changes that are necessary for you, and you may need help let me know, I might be able to help you.

Did you know stress is one of the biggest gut bacteria killers, and most disease starts in the gut?