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I mostly write about the foods I eat, cook and believe in. Today I decided that I will write about “Gluten”. The reason why I decided to write about gluten today, is because when I first became gluten-sensitive I had no idea what it actually was. Do you know? I knew bread and baked goods have it I knew pasta has it and that about sums it up. I did not know that gluten is a protein that gives bread and baked goods the elasticity. I didn’t realize that gluten is the glue that holds things together when it comes to baking and cooking. I didn’t know that gluten is not only in wheat, but other grains such as barley, couscous, and others. I didn’t know that some gluten-free grains such as oatmeal could be exposed to gluten through cross-pollination, which then would make oatmeal not gluten-free anymore. I knew flour is a binding substance, but I truly did not go beyond that with my knowledge. I loved to cook and bake and using flour was just part of all that. It tasted good I thought I cooked and baked healthy as it was homemade, and I was good with that. Only little did I know.

At the time I didn’t know any better than to continue to eat the way I knew how to. At first, I started to feel better and then not so much, and then I felt better again and then not so much. Then I developed a sensitivity to dairy on top of my gluten-sensitivity. Then I decided that whatever I was doing was not working. I knew I had to change not just my diet, but everything else in my lifestyle. Gluten had become the devil to me, and I needed to get rid of him along with all the nonsense he served me.

The ugly truth is that gluten is in so much food, such as soy, mustard, cold cuts, ketchup, ice cream and the list just continues on and on. Gluten products have been used as fillers for all sorts of foods. These fillers are called additives. These foods can be low-quality or high-quality foods. If you are someone who eats a lot of processed foods the risk of eating something high in gluten is very great, therefore it can be very tricky to figure out what and what not to eat.

Some of the food additives that can contain gluten are MSG, modified food starch, textured vegetable protein and the list continues. For a full list of foods and additives that you should avoid go to This website gives you great insights on what to avoid and much more.

Looking at this list makes you probably feel overwhelmed; I know I would be. I didn’t have a list like this one available to me at first, so I kind of had to figure things out the hard way. Yes, that was a big pain in the behind, if I may add. This list should help you and give you an advantage for when you go shopping and looking at the ingredients of the food you are about to buy.

I must admit, as I was mentioning above that even though I was eating gluten-free I still gained weight. I didn’t feel all too good; yes, I felt better, but not to the point where I could say “I feel great” consistently. I wanted to feel great, I mean who doesn’t? Exchanging one gluten-containing food for a gluten-free version did not serve me any kind of purpose anymore. I needed to heal my gut.

I have pretty much stayed away from most foods that would naturally have gluten in them. Of course, my favorite foods are the ones without ingredients. I have converted my life to simple wholesome foods and about 90% of everything I eat, are fruits, vegetables and proteins such as chicken or fish, and fermented foods. Of course, I still like to eat my occasional ice cream, or my gluten-free bread, that I get from the Beacon Bread Co. out of Pennsylvania. You can find them on Facebook if you are interested. Being on such a simple diet makes my life so much easier, there is less time reading labels, less money spent in the stores, as wholefoods can be cheaper than processed foods, especially in the summer and fall when fruits and vegetables are in season, and you can also by them at your local farm stand. Just think of it this way, no preparation needed for fresh fruits and most vegetables you can eat them after just rinsing. No hassle cooking, how cool is that. We must support our farmers, without them human sustainability will be non-existing, we need them as much as they need us. Better yet and the cheapest way of eating fresh vegetables and fruits is by growing them yourself if you have the time. So just keep all of this in mind the next time you shop for your gluten-free foods.

I hope this blog finds you well and will help you with your future shopping trips. If you are interested in knowing more about my gluten-free health coaching and how you can start to feel better again, contact me either through my website or below this blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by, till next time!