How the way I grew up, has influenced my life and health!
influenced my life and health

How the way I grew up, has influenced my life and health!

Growing up in Germany in the 70’s I have considered myself lucky, walking to the farm at the age of 5 with my friend getting milk from the farm, carrying my metal milk can across town. It made me feel so grown-up and responsible. The smell of the barn and hay were so distinct. It became one of my favorite smells. The goose at the bauernhof/farm would chase me, which I truly did not appreciate, but jumping into the hay while waiting for my milk was so worth the battles with this crazy goose.

My mom always had her vegetable gardens with lots of different kinds of veggies and berries. My favorites were gooseberries and currants, I remember very distinctly sitting under the currant bush munching away, while my mom was gardening.

Being able to eat foods that were in season, getting milk from the farm across town, and enjoying my mom’s home cooking will be with me forever.

As a teenager, my mom’s way of feeding me became something I took for granted, and honestly chocolate and sugar became my best friends. I remember eating my chocolate sandwiches or waking up in the morning and eating a bar of chocolate. I guess as a teenager that’s ok, we all have to experience life one way or another right.

Once I came to the states my eating habits went completely out of bound. Breakfast cereal and processed foods became a big part of my daily diet, not because that’s what was available but because my husband at the time was an incredibly picky eater and with his diet, I adjusted my diet.

Having children though brought me back to the way I grew up to a certain degree. Nursing my babies and making my own baby food and home cooking my meals was a large part of raising my children. Feeding my children has always given me the greatest satisfaction as I felt a great connection had formed right from the beginning between me and my newborn as soon as he/she latched on to feed. It is an indescribable feeling, of love and nurture.

After being diagnosed with my food sensitivities and trying to figure out how and why I suddenly became ill with such nonsense, I could not make sense of any of it. After much trial and error, I returned to my childhood days where true nutritional foods came back into my life, and with that, a large part of my food sensitivities got better.

Returning to more and more homegrown or farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats from trusted sources has become an important (and necessary) part of my life again. Home cooking never left my side, even during my lazy days of cooking. Home cooking and my ways of feeding my family is something I am very proud of and also love to hand off to my children to give to their children.

Home-cooking and nurturing my family is priceless to me, no amount of money can ever make up for these times. The connections, and relationships that food can create amongst family and people, can never be replaced with thousands or millions of dollars. Food is love in my book and has incredible healing and nurturing properties.

Going through my journey with food, I have come to believe that we truly are what we eat.

How the way I grew up, has influenced my life and health!

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