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To eat healthily and sticking to my budget has been a challenge to me in the past.
Just going to the store, I could get carried away buying everything I shouldn’t. I find the stores make it so easy to buy the candy at the checkout, don’t you think? Getting carried away walking through the cereal aisle, or the snack aisle.
If I could have a dime for every time, I overbought my groceries, coming home with things I tried not to eat and definitely did not need, I would be a millionaire by now.
After putting these tempting foods into my pantry, they would call me at all hours. I would have them when I felt stressed, sad, happy excited because at 10 pm. I felt the need to celebrate and simply treat myself because of whatever I did or didn’t accomplish that day.
Have you ever found yourself in a situation like that?
It was not so much that I bought the things I didn’t need but the fact that I ended up over my weekly budget . I ended up with not enough foods I actually needed, to make it through the week. 
This forced me to go back to the store in the middle of the week spending more money, and again go even further over my budget. After all I had to prepre  dinners, lunches and having plenty of healthy snacks available for everyone.
Great frustration became the norm while telling myself that; “next week I will try better”.

How do I eat healthy on a budget?

7 ways to safe;

  • Making a list and asticking iwth it. I have found that once I started making a list while planning ahead for the following week and actually sticking to my list has kept me so much closer to my budget. It has also allowed me and my family to eat a very healthy diet without running out of food in the middle of the week and going even further over my budget.
  • Buying in buld. While I am shopping for my food between farm stands, and my whole-food stores I very much enjoy buying in bulk whenever I can, I like to do this mostly with nuts and grains.
  • Using reusables.Where I find I save most of my money though is by using reusables, like glass jars that I can bring back to my store once empty and refill them with nut butters, vinegars and oils. Also my reusables at home, instead of constantly replenishing my stash of zipper bags small and large, plastic containers, water bottles and so on, I like to use my reusable water bottles like a HydroFlask, the same with thermoses or reusable zipper bags, sandwich containers, stackable lunch containers.  I strongly believe that these items in the store can run very expensive if having to constantly buy more. Also, one of the main reasons why I like to use my refillable and reusables is to cut down on my use of plastic as it is such a horrible added waste product that is destroying our environment   
  • home cooking is a huge ingredient in saving money. While I am cooking, I like to
  • cook in larger quantities, this way I can have leftovers the next day for either breakfast lunch or even dinner. This does not just save me money but also time in the kitchen.
  • Not to waste food, and eat your leftovers. I try very hard not to waste food. Ok sometimes I fail at this as I forget about something in the back of the fridge and by the time I find it or remember it, it’s bad. When that happens all I see is money in the garbage, so I try not to let this happen.
Sometimes when I have produce, meats, eggs…left in the fridge by the time Friday rolls around, Ilike to create my specialty “cleaning the fridge dinner”, where i clean my fridge and cook with everything that needs to be used, making it a yummy dinner. It often gets rave reviews too!

Last but not least, I like to

  • compare prices and buy things that are on special, especially if it is something that I can stock up on. If I can stick it in the freezer that’s great or fill my pantry with extra oats or quinoa. Just because its high grade and healthy does not mean that it can’t be on sale.
As I was saying earlier this has taken me some time being able to stick to my plan, but honestly this is the only way I can afford to eat the healthy foods I need to keepm myself healthy.
If you think about it, the average American spends about $12.50 at a fast food restaurant per one meal, if we take this one meal and multiply it by 4 (family of four) that alone is $ 50.00 per day, take that times 5 (work week) and that family has pend alone just for one meal per day for 5 days $250.00. That’s a lot of money to spend on only one meal per day, I think, don’t you? That’s not counting the $5.00 coffee in between meals. My weekly budget is $400.00 for 7 days and 3 meals per day plus snacks for a family of 3.
So, I guess my question is, how can you not afford to eat healthy?
I used to think if the packaging didnt tell me that it was healthy, it wasent, I was very tunnel visioned at the time. I forgot about the ways how I grew up with my mom growing her own vegetables and fruits, going apple picking and having all our foods homemade. It is amazing to think back today and to find how much the way I grew up actually influenced my life and health,


You know the way they say “the good old days” may not be that far off when it comes to our nutrition. Just think about how much the production of our food has changed, and we wonder why we may not feel well. Thats the realization I came to after being so sick for so long. Me changing back to using mother nature for my wellbeing has done wonders for me, thank goodness. Eating a clean diet, without the GMO’s pesticides and keeping my focus on how nature inteded it to be has been my lifesaver. 
I know money can become tricky when it comes to eating a healtier diet, but I do hope that these 7 ways that have worked for me will work for you as well, these 7 ways have made a huge difference when it comes to eating healthy on a budget for me.

I hope you will take advantage of this blog and try some of these ways out for yourself, be your own judge, see what works for you. 

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