How to get motivation out of the things we dread

How to get motivation out of the things we dread!

When it comes to our daily life chores, we can dread some of the things we have to do every day, for me, it’s cleaning out the dishwasher and folding laundry. Even though we dread them we still do them. Sometimes we can even find humor in doing these chores.

Today though let’s talk about the bigger picture

like the time when we dread to go to work because we either hate our coworkers or the kind of work we do. Maybe we dread the commute to work as it is long and dreadful, and you are tired of spending too much time in the car and not with your family. Maybe though you dread getting yourself healthy from your dietary illness, such as food sensitives, digestive issues, obesity, prediabetic. I get it, as it seems like so much work, and it’s not easy, plus who wants to give up all those yummy sugary foods anyway, I know I didn’t! One of the many reasons why I was in denial after being diagnosed for two more years.

Maybe you are in the same boat I was

and are dreading making that appointment with your doctor as you are either afraid to know what he may say or maybe you already know what he has to say and you know you won’t like it.

Possibly you already had a diagnosis

and you know what you have to do to change your dietary and lifestyle-oriented ways, but you know it’s going to be difficult to give up certain foods and start exercising but you hate exercise and you love sugar way too much, so you are in the dread hole already. Yup got it, been there!

When we are in situations such as these:

  • Our performance goes down
  • We may put things off to the next day, week, month or even year
  • We may feel as though our goals are unreachable
  • Feel disappointed

When I have dreaded things in the past, as I knew I wouldn’t like the amount of work it would take and I didn’t want to deal with the outcome or circumstances. In the end, though I would be the one that continued suffering and dreading the reality of my circumstance.

I didn’t commit to myself until I hit rock bottom and became scared for my life. Once I started though, I was all the way in. Yes with many setbacks here and there, but I kept getting up and took my mistakes with me and learned from my experiences.

During these times, I have found three things that have truly motivated me in getting where I needed to go;

  • List of pros and cons:

Making a list of pros and cons draws a clear picture of what my life looks like if I keep avoiding the obvious, and what my life could look like if I address the problems so I can stop dreading whatever I am dreading right now.

  •  Come up with a plan:

Coming up with a plan helps me build a roadmap with daily, weekly, or even monthly goals that will bring me closer to resolving the problem and achieving my goal. Having a plan also helps with seeing the progress we make on the way, and will draw you a picture of the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Get yourself a support system

Having a support system by your side is the greatest, inspirational, motivational, and it is a great way of getting second opinions, supporting you in a challenging situation, bringing in new perspectives, and so much more.

Asking for help has never been a strong point for me. My ego kept telling me otherwise that I didn’t need anyone by my side, so got I kicked in the behind often. Life has never been better since I have a support system in place, we make a great team and keep moving each other forward.

A support system could be:
  • Your partner
  • Best friend
  • Lifestyle and health Integration coach
  • Teacher
  • Anyone that can help guide, support, motivate you in all different kinds of ways.

The most important thing out of what I just wrote, is that you need to commit to yourself and “Just do it”! No one can do it for you. Make that decision for yourself that you deserve better than dreading every day because of work, health, personal issues. You owe it yourself; you deserve to be happy because happiness is what it all comes down to, wouldn’t you agree?

I would love to hear from you about one obstacle in your life that you might be dreading right now and are considering taking my steps and putting them to work.

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How to get motivation out of the things we dread

During this time together we will tackle your goals, pinpoint some triggers that may have held you back in achieving your goals, and discuss the things that will help you achieve them. Struggling with diet-related health issues while stressing at work is not the way to live, so commit to yourself. Let’s do this together!

Until next time;

Lots of love Andi

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