Hiking the Grand Tetons free from gluten sensitivity

hike grand tetons


Did you ever hike the Grand Tetons? Or have you always wanted to go see them, but haven’t because your digestive issues and gluten sensitivity have held you back from taking such a journey, so far from home?

Does the thought of leaving your home for long periods of time overwhelm you?
That used to be me.

Today the air is crisp, but the sun feels warm and comforting as I am taking a nice deep breath, staring at the Grand Tetons national park in front of me, hiking at the base of these amazing giants. It’s almost as if the beauty and the grandness have taken my breath away, filling my soul with joy where tears of freedom are crawling to the surface of my eyes. Reminding me that just a few years ago I was still chained up by my gluten sensitivity and the digestive issues that came with it.

It feels so peaceful, quiet, and loving all at the same time. It’s almost like a great big hug from mother nature. That is the closest I can come to describing the feeling that has come over me when I look at these gentle giants mother nature has gifted us with.

They remind me of growing up at home in Germany, at the base of the Bavarian Alps. They make me feel grounded. You know that feeling when it feels just right? This is exactly where you’re supposed to be today. Never could I have imagined standing here with the love of my life, living our dream.

Today I can hike amongst these gentle giants free from the nagging symptoms of my gluten sensitivity, taking hundreds of pictures, never finding justice in the grandness that I have been presented with. There are no words, there is only awe. The beauty is something indescribable, pictures truly don’t do it justice.

You see, my gluten sensitivity and digestive issues kept me locked at home most of the time. I constantly had to worry about the food that I could, would, or shouldn’t eat. Cross-contamination, and what could possibly happen if I would eat the wrong food. My digestive health was not a pretty picture, with constant nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and bloating that brought anxiety and heart palpitations, day in and day out.

Believe me when I say I wasn’t even thinking about vacationing back then, heck I didn’t even want to go out to dinner, or a family gathering at the time. Never feeling well, while going to work running my small business was all I could handle, on top of raising my four kids as a freshly divorced single parent. By the time dinner was over I was exhausted, physically, and psychologically. Life was draining.

Never would I have undergone a journey such as this one, driving cross country starting in Connecticut to the tip of northern Idaho to visit family and continue from there across Arizona, Utah, and then Colorado. Never thinking that from South Dakota to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming we would encounter a long and straight 200-mile path without any gas station, just 200 miles of straight road and bare nothing.

Once we finally came across a gas station being almost out of diesel fuel the lady behind the counter looked at my husband and said; “Did you just come from way over there? Staring at his MT Rushmore T-shirt he was wearing. He replied with a yes, we sure did, we were hoping you would have some diesel fuel. She looked at him again staring at our Jeep Grand Cherokee, saying; ”that’s a diesel? He replied with a “yes ma’am, it sure is”, she said well “I’ll be dammed, you know you are lucky, cause some don’t make it”.

We thought this encounter was quite funny but also kind of eye-opening towards the stretches of roads in the western part of this beautiful country.

The point being that going on a long road trip as this one was never anything I thought I could do years ago. Just the thought of leaving the house for hours at a time stressed me out. Once my husband and I started the conversation though, it gave me an extra push to figure my whole digestive system and gluten sensitivity out, so that maybe someday, I could do a trip such as this one.

Today I am living my someday.

My husband and I started the conversation of someday traveling cross country and seeing all the great sites, moving out west, and finding the right spot for us, just days after we started dating, which will be 9 years this October. So you see this has been a long time coming.

Gluten-free journey living my someday.

Even though the conversation was happening I was nowhere near a position to dare take such an adventure. My health was nowhere near any kind of stage where I could leave to go somewhere unknown without any consequences. It was definitely a dream a the time, and the thought of maybe someday we could, but I wasn’t counting on it.

If you would have asked me as little as a few years ago, I would have still told you no. Even though we would often talk about it, it probably won’t ever happen, because I wouldn’t have the guts to be that far from home. I was still experiencing much trial and error with my gluten sensitivity and the accompanied digestive issues.

I would always be scared about the consequences of not being at home, my comfort zone, my controlled environment. Plus, who wants to travel with digestive issues anyways, I sure as heck didn’t.

Thank goodness I am a stubborn individual and once I decided that I deserved more from life, I put my mind towards getting this huge roadblock of mine removed for once and for all.

So here I am standing 4 weeks into our journey in front of these amazing giants, without digestive issues, my gluten sensitivity completely under control, where I don’t have to worry about consequences any longer.

Hiking at the base of the Grand Tetons


Back in the day, just the thought of not having the right foods available to me would have stressed me out. Since we left the state of Michigan it has been a bit of a challenge coming across organic wholefoods, so not being concerned about my digestive system has been uplifting and refreshing.

It took me a long time to get here, but I did it and am insanely grateful for it. Getting my digestive health under control was a lot of hard work but so worth it. Having improved my digestive health has also given me greater metabolic health, which is key when it comes to overall health.

It’s your turn to get your gluten sensitivity under control

You can get to this point in your life as well. If I can do it anyone can. With much trial and error, going back to school for coaching and getting certified in gut health, all while doing additional research on my own. Trying out new things to see if they would work for me and taking my journey from there has brought me here today. Now I can coach you to do the same. You deserve to hike at the base of the Grand Tetons or anywhere else for that matter. Live your dream, reach your goals, no matter if they are for pleasure or work. The sky is the limit. You deserve it.

I believe in you, all you need to do is believe in you too.

It is such a privilege being able to coach my clients to live life to their fullest potential. I believe that everyone deserves to live their life in a way where they can achieve their life goals and feel healthy enough to do so.

Every day can be a new beginning, we have the privilege to start over any time we choose to, when is your time to start over once more?

For more info on how I could help you in getting to where I am today go to my website and get to meet me your lifestyle and health integration coach.