How to pursue that dream

How to pursue that dream

I don’t know about you, but I have lots of dreams! New dreams keep coming in and old dreams have been pursued and lived. At the age of 8 or 9, I decided that one day I will live my dreams and that has been my priority ever since. As a teenager, I started taking my first steps towards fulfilling my first ever future determining dream. Coming to the states for one year and exploring life beyond what I had lived until then.

What are your dreams made of? Are you dreaming of a new house, a healthier you, hiking, climbing Kilimanjaro, playing more with your kids, travel the world, being a business owner, helping orphans in Africa, being a parent? Whatever it might be, the bigger question is are you doing anything about accomplishing your dream?

What kind of dreamer are you? Someone that likes to dream but has accepted their life for what it is? Someone that has taken steps towards achieving their dream, but gave up somewhere along the way? Or are you someone that continuously keeps moving forward in achieving their dream even though they have fallen but keep getting back up, where giving up is not a choice?  Or are you someone that just doesn’t dream, and are completely content where you are today?


-Eleanor Roosevelt-

If you want to pursue your dreams, this blog is for you, because if you are a dreamer I will encourage you to chase your dreams today.

Today I am going to tell you a little bit about my story.

While growing up in Germany had huge influences on my life. I consider myself extremely lucky to be a dreamer and to have the continued drive to move towards my dreams.

Life was never as easy as a small child. I was the youngest of four, and the age gaps between me and my siblings were large. Six, twelve, and fourteen years. By the time my parents divorced I was 3 years old while my sisters were almost married (they got married at 18) and my brother was in the midst of being a teenager.

I was the one stuck with my mom and by the time she got remarried to my stepfather, I was mostly an only child. My brother went off and lived with my grandmother, and my sisters already had their own kids.

That’s when things turned sour for me. Being a child in a very alcoholic and abusive home. My daily escape was my sister’s home where I had friends and my niece. I could help take care of it. I dreaded going home, but if I wouldn’t I knew I would be in big trouble.

Kids in school caught on to my troubled life at home and fed off of it. That’s when all the bullying started. Needless to say, these years were the worst of my life, but also the ones that taught me a lot. The best part though, was that I discovered Pippi Longstocking, and yes you might be laughing at me right now, and that’s totally ok. Back then I was 8, 9 years old and if you know Pippi Longstocking, you know that she is the strongest girl in the whole entire world.

I loved reading her books over and over. Her strength gave me power. Her happiness and taking life with a grain of salt gave me dreams where I could fly. That’s when I discovered the kind of life I wanted to live someday.

My dreams during these times took me away from all the madness at the time and allowed me to live in a world beyond the four walls in my room.

My dreams gave me the strength to hope for a better life, my experiences gave me the power to take my childhood and identify exactly what I didn’t want in life and the way I would never want my own kids to live. So, striving for positivity was the only way to go from here.

In the meantime, I had lots of things happening in my life. Such as my mother finally divorcing my stepfather and started a new life in a new town with new friends. Coming to the states as an Au-Pair for one year and has turned into thirty. Since I have been married for the first time, a mother of 4 incredible kids, a small business owner, a divorced single mother, a student at the age of 38 to reinvent myself, then met my new husband, the love of my life and support system.

I became a grandmother and are about to start my life over once more in Colorado. These were hard years, but also happy years with many hurdles to overcome and sacrifices to make, but during those times I never gave up on the dream, and I am still moving towards it.

The hate for my stepfather gave me dreams and a vision of what I wanted my life to be. I wanted to be strong like Pippi Longstocking, I wanted to live a life where I could be happy. I wanted to live a life where my kids were allowed to find themselves, be themselves, become who they want to become.

So, my mission in life was to live the complete opposite of my childhood. So, when I had kids, my dream was to give them what they needed in order to live their dreams, but also give them guidance by voicing, showing, and living by example. It has been my goal to get these messages across:

  • To encourage my kids to stand on their own two feet
  • To give them the chance to be who they want to be
  • To teach them to stand up for the one that is being bullied
  • To never give up on themselves
  • To figure out what they want out of life
  • To always be open-minded when it comes to life
  • To accept people for whom they are and not to judge someone by their appearance, but on their character.
  • That my love for them is worth more than millions of dollars
  • That they can achieve anything they set their minds to

Did I always do this perfectly? Heck no! But I sure as hell tried my absolute hardest.  I didn’t give up because things got hard and things didn’t go the way I wanted them to.

Yes, I took breaks in between but always found my way back to chasing the dream life where happiness was the number one goal amongst success and finding the love of my life.

We all have dreams but, in the end, it is up to us to either keep on dreaming and just let life go by us, or to choose to pursue it even if it takes a long time. Dreams don’t come true overnight; dreams can be a lifelong pursuit. So what is holding you back from pursuing your dream?

The reason I am asking you this question is that I watched my mom struggle throughout her life. In the end, I strongly believe that one of her dreams was to get out of a bad situation and protect her child and start over in a safe environment. It took her a long time, but she did it. She fought for me, and she didn’t give up for her own good. She had a dream and made it happen and I am forever grateful to her for that.

I could not imagine if my mom would have given up on her dream and given in to her situation. I might not be here today, writing this blog.  My mom turned into Pippi Longstocking the strongest girl in the world.

For whatever reason, we have dreams and goals we owe it to ourselves to pursue them, but maybe we also owe it to our children as well, so they can find hope, strength, courage, and find their way in life as well.

I am still in the midst of pursuing some of my dreams, as these dreams have taken more work to get Many times in my life I felt giving up because I had no support, no money, no time… but here I am forty years later and I am still moving forward.

There are a few things I learned over the past forty years

  • Dreams can change and that’s ok
  • To pursue a dream you must take action
  • To achieve a dream you must never give up
  • Dreams can throw you to the ground, so pick yourself back up and keep moving
  • Dreams don’t come true overnight, they can be a lifelong adventure
  • Achieving your dream with support by your side (I have a coach and my husband by my side, to achieve my dream) can help guide you in the directions you need to go.
  • To achieve a dream you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone
  • To achieve a dream you have to be able to commit to yourself first
  • Believe in yourself
  • Give yourself a chance

You are the secret sauce in reaching your dreams, living life the way you envision it. You have that power within you. No one can take that from you, no one can tell you otherwise. Believe in yourself and never give up.

Today I work with people like you, who have dreams and goals, and want to achieve them. I love seeing my clients

  • feel better
  • do the things again they haven’t done in years, because they couldn’t but wanted to
  • travel across the country
  • open that business
  • live a fulfilling life

So what are you waiting for, go catch your dream, live it, love it, achieve it!

I want to hear from you! What are your dreams and are you pursuing them?

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-George Whitefield-

Xx Andi 🙂