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How to tackle the chaos of life’s interruptions

   Life interruptions bring can bring chaos and with chaos comes stress. Stress can affect our digestive health especially while suffering from digestive issues due to gluten sensitivity. I know that with me stress goes directly to my stomach and has been the culprit of many things when it comes to my health and wellbeing.

My chaos my life’s interruption “The move”

Moving into a new home is a major interruption when it comes to our daily life. It takes plenty of organization while getting through the chaos.

Since my divorce ten years ago, I have moved four times prior to this time. I have moved myself driving a Uhaul and also hired movers. Moving has 

been the biggest pain in the behind every time, no matter how I moved.

It always

  • is chaos,
  • stressful and
  • a lot of work


This time when we moved we sold all our furniture and gave away most of our belongings, other than memorabilia, which saved us a ton of money moving thousands of miles across the country. It also made us think that it would make things easier when it came to moving into a new place despite still dealing with a major life interruption in our daily life.

The excitement of picking out all new furniture together was super satisfying.🤔

Think again, Andi. I don’t even like shopping.

What gets me stressed

You see, my stress level rises when things are out of order with nothing in its place. My house is a mess and I am unorganized and just all over the place. It makes me feel as if not just my surroundings, but my life is a huge clusterfuck, and honestly, I can’t focus on my work or anything else for that matter. It truly stresses me out. With that, my routine is all over the place which makes it almost non-existent.

Now I understand that any kind of move, with or without furniture, with or without a moving truck, in any kind of situation becomes stressful. I get that.

How life’s interruptions affect me, and maybe they affect you the same way?

You see, when my stress level is high because my life is out of order, this is when I perform the worst, I can’t get things done, I feel unsatisfied and unhappy with myself. My environment reflects on my inner well being even though I know it’s only temporary.

Maybe you have been in a major situation such as mine and you can relate?

To clarify, I am not that uptight about everyday messes, small situations, such as having the teacup out of place, or the jacket over the chair instead of the coat closet. No, I am not like that. I am talking about major life-changing situations; things such as your mother-in-law moving in, a new baby, getting your kid off to college, losing your job due to a pandemic, moving thousands of miles cross country …planned or not planned it all applies, as it disrupts our current life one way or another.

Getting in touch with;

  • who I am,
  • what stresses me,
  • what I can do to destress,
  • what throws me off my game,
  • how I can address it,

took me a long time to figure out. I definitely didn’t know this about myself when I was a teenager or even a young mother. Often I couldn’t figure why I was upset, or why I was feeling what I was feeling. There was a disconnect.

It’s amazing what we learn about ourselves as we get older. Some of us have these lightbulb moments early on and then some of us are late bloomers like me. Learning to understand my frustrations and being able to actually do something about it is huge.

I have to say I am kind of jealous of my youngest daughter as she knows that changes and new unknown things stress her out and she has been able to cope with her situation like starting college despite not knowing what’s ahead, with grace and a clear head. Her being able to get in touch with her feelings and actually talk about it is huge at such a young age.

My frustration, what I did about it.

So, when I was so frustrated because of the mess around me I was able to pinpoint it, to bring awareness to it, and talk about it with my husband, which also helped him:

  • understand where I was coming from,
  • talking about it helped me make more sense of it
  • find different solutions to deal with a situation like this one.

Often when we don’t know why, what, or how things get out of hand. Our minds can come up with stories of their own and instead of talking about it we keep thinking about it and build assumptions about the other person in the room; assuming since they know us they should be able to read our mind, projecting our own frustration with ourselves or a certain situation upon our loved ones. I used to do that a lot, back in the day.

Getting to know who you are is such an important part of living life to the fullest because let’s face it life brings chaos and interruptions on a consistent level. So if we can learn to recognize what is upsetting us in the midst of chaos, that huge.

Learn to;

  • pinpoint situations that might frustrate you,
  • explore it,
  • talk about it
  • Share it with others that can help you find solutions in dealing with your frustration so much more.

It helps me every time, and after I do this the world looks so much better, even though the chaos/situation has not changed.

Knowing that I need to:

  • have a workout routine,
  • listen to some good music,
  • eat a nutritious diet filled with wholefoods
  • have a good night sleep

To get my psyche in order so I can deal better with a house half furnished, no furniture to sit and relax on other than my bed. Missing my kids, but knowing that they are all doing well. My office set up but not enough connectivity yet. The list just goes on. It’s all part of this move.

All things I knew would be a part of it. There were no surprises other than positive ones. And still, I stressed out. So, recognizing all of the above was huge, in solving not just my stress level but also my husband’s.

I understand that my chaos was a minor one this time around, so let me just mention that all of the above also applied to more major chaotic life interruptions of mine such as my divorce ten years ago and this pandemic we are living in right now. No matter how big or small the chaos, life will stress us out and it will affect us in one way or another. Some of us might be able to handle the chaos we are handed much easier but some of us may not, and that’s why I am writing about this today.

I am someone that had to work very hard in recognizing what things are stressing me the most until I suffered continuously alongside my loved ones that just couldn’t figure out why I was as stressed as I was, they couldn’t help me because I didn’t know how to help myself.

Thank goodness that’s over. I still don’t have a living room but got connectivity, and my hubby and I have been taking advantage of the gym that comes with the apartment. Taking a good look at my current state and sharing it with him was good medicine too.

It not only reduced my stress level in the midst of chaos but my husband’s as well.

It has brought:

  • peace of mind when it comes to achieving my daily chores,
  • a closer connection to my husband and I, allowing us to talk about things like these,
  • the clarity to both of us, this way he doesn’t have to keep worrying about what he could possibly do to make me feel better without knowing what is bothering me in the first place.

How to tackle the chaos?

andi stress management

In my situation, the solution to undoing the chaos around me is to:

  • take a breath,
  • analyze the situation,
  • get in touch with what it is that I am feeling,
  • bring attention to the situation,
  • talk about it and
  • see what helps me get through the situation best.

For me, my routine is key to all things, especially my workout:

  • my body feels so much better,
  • my mind is so much more focused,
  • my motivation levels and spirits are up and
  • I am ready to kick some ass.

You know:

Situations in life keep popping up, either planned or unplanned. Life always gets interrupted. It is not about the situation or the interruption, it is all about how we as the individual react to the situation. It is up to us to take a breath and evaluate, come up with a plan to tackle the situation, and most importantly, to communicate even if it takes a while. It took me about 48 hours to figure out what my problem was.

Communication is the secret sauce to so many things in life, including your own wellbeing.

So let’s get to it! Don’t spend your life stressed and unhappy, projecting it upon the people you love most.

Let’s put on music and dance together, I promise you will start to feel better.

Want to advance to greater things with me by your side?

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P.S Did you know that stress can affect digestive health?

Thanks for tuning in, I hope to see you around for the next blog to come.

Xx Andi 🙂

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