In one of my last blogs, I had talked about the difficulties gluten-sensitivity have given me when it comes to my travels. I also mentioned that I was about to travel to Colorado for the first time, and I promised you that I would report back to you on how my experiences with gluten-free eating would be in Colorado.

Being gluten-free has been a challenge to my taste buds, so my goal has been for many years now to cook, bake and find the best gluten-free foods without sacrificing the taste so I can keep my taste buds in a state of happiness. These foods must taste delicious, scrumptious, and to the point where I don’t miss my gluten kinds of foods, but also hold their nutritional values. Wholefoods are always preferred, but let’s face it pizza and muffins don’t make the cut, so that’s when high-quality ingredients and taste comes even more into place.

Going to Colorado has opened my eyes towards a completely new level of indulgent when it comes to gluten-free. A level I never thought I could experience. Needless to say, I splurged and gained a couple of pounds. Yes, guilty as charged, but it was worth every bite of it and honestly, we all deserve a little break when it comes to eating healthy, don’t we?

First of all, let me say “Pizza”! When was the last time you had any kind of oooey, gooey, scrumptious pizza? For me, I would say the last time ten years ago, right before I gave up gluten. Ever since I have hated eating gluten-free pizza, missing old fashioned pizza with the soft crust. To some the toppings of a pizza are the highlight, to me, it’s all about the crust. Who is with me on that? I’m not sure what the availability is for where you live, but in my corner of the world, it’s not looking good. My attitude towards pizza has pretty much been down in the dumps. I’d rather not eat pizza, as I couldn’t enjoy it anyways.

After hiking on one of the amazing red rock hiking trails in Colorado Springs and before continuing our adventure to the “Garden of the Gods park”, we needed to find someplace for lunch. We didn’t want to waste much time, so lunch needed to be quick and easy. We decided on pizza. I settled on the idea that a few lame gluten-free slices of pizza would do the trick. I was ok with that at the time as I wanted to go on and see more amazing things. On my gluten-free app Hell’s Kitchen Pizza in Manitou Springs came up and we decided to go there. It did not look like much when we entered, and my judgment came forward quickly, being disappointed in the pizza before it even arrived. Needless to say, to my surprise, never judge a book by its cover, goes the same for a pizza joint. Never underestimate the ability of any restaurant no matter what the cover of it is.

When my pizza, which by the way I agreed to share with my fiancé, came to the table I almost died. It looked and smelled amazing it looked like it had gluten written all over it. In fact, I went up to double check and make sure I did not get the wrong order. My kids and fiancé looked at me and said: “wow that looks so good, does it taste good”? Can I try? “hell, no you cannot try, this is my pizza”! Of course, they tried it and loved it, they almost liked it more than their own pizza. I had to share it though and honestly, I really did not want to share at all as it was that delicious. The crust soft and squishy, the dough was just so oooey and gooey but also a bit crispy, oh my god, just thinking about it right now makes me want to have pizza.

I had pizza twice that week. My second pizza came from Martino’s Pizzeria in Lafayette, right outside of Louisville. I bet you don’t wonder anymore how I gained the few pounds over vacation. The second time I did not share, I ate one half and took the other half home with me. My taste buds where some happy buds, and so was I!

The pizzas were made from white rice flour, that’s all I know! I know very bad carbs. But hey every once in a while, we can treat ourselves, and this was definitely a treat for me. So, if you ever go to Colorado and you want to try their gluten-free pizza, I highly recommend these two places mentioned in this blog.

I would love to know what your gluten-free pizza experience has been. Have you found the one you enjoy? Do you have Pizza joint that serves gluten-free pizza made from white rice flour anywhere near you?  I would love to know.