Let's talk sugar consumption, plus 1 course that can enlighten you about sugar!

How much sugar do we know we eat vs. how much sugar do we actually eat?

Let’s talk sugar consumption, plus 1 course that can enlighten you about sugar!

Welcome to this new series of blogs where I will be talking about “all sugars.” As so many of us suffer from diet-related health issues, I figured that this would be a great series to release, as sugars have had much to do with this.

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Let’s talk Sugar & sugar consumption;

Too much sugar consumption can influence our overall well-being. Not only physically but also psychologically.
In my case, my sugar consumption added to my digestive issues, as my stomach was already inflamed. My gluten-sensitivity never had a chance to subside, as I kept feeding my inflammation with more sugary foods.

With that, nothing got better, just worse. In the end, it brought on new and worse issues such as anxiety and slight depression. On top of all the already existing digestive issues, it added many aches and pains, brain fog with little to no motivation or focus.

You see, back then, I was under a lot of stress, and when I am stressed, I find myself eating the kinds of foods that make me feel good, temporarily. The kinds of foods my brain keeps craving for, and my body keeps fighting against.

Yes, you guessed it right, sugars!

The problem today, though, is that we have not only so many obvious sugars but also so many hidden sugars. Sugars we have no idea we are eating. We think we eat healthy because the packaging tells us we are, when in fact, the food is packed with sugars.
For that specific reason, I find it super important to learn how to read nutritional labels correctly so we know exactly how much sugar has been added to our processed foods.

I have incorporated a whole chapter of label reading in my brand new online class called “Creating healthy Habits & know your Hidden Sugars,” which has been my baby for the past 6 months, and it is now finally here for you to purchase. Yay!

I find it such an important part of life to feed our bodies with highly dense nutrient foods to live a well-rounded and happy life to reach and achieve our goals and live life to the fullest.

I highly encourage you to watch the video I created about sugar consumption by clicking here. In this video, I will go just a bit further on this subject.

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Let’s talk a little more about sugar consumption;

Our sugar consumption has risen so much over the past 200 hundred years where the numbers are actually staggering. To think about the fact that 200 years ago, the average person ate about 2 pounds of sugar a year, and today the average person eats about 152 pounds of sugars per year. I find that this an insane number.

In my video, I also talk about the recommended dose of sugars per day per person and how much we actually consume per day. The question is why do we eat so much sugar?

I have my very own theory about that and feel that our ways of living have changed so dramatically where the way we eat has much to do with it. I get much deeper into how our sugar consumption has changed over the years in my new class as well. So click right here and find out so much more about sugars and sugar consumption. 

Well, this is it for today, on the subject of ” Let’s talk sugar consumption, plus 1 course that can enlighten you about sugar!” I am so happy you stopped by.

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