Loving processed foods, do you.

Loving processed foods? Me too! Exploring the ins and outs of processed foods!


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Processed foods give us so much flexibility and convenience when it comes to feeding ourselves and our families. I love that about processed foods.

So many things have changed since I grew up when it comes to eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods.
I remember walking to the farmer with my milk can to get milk every week.

My mom didn’t have to worry about what kinds of ingredients were in our food, as everything was homemade and grown in our gardens.
This kind of lifestyle was right before the food industry changed how we ate by eliminating fat from our foods. They became known as harmful foods, causing cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol levels…
This was also around the same time when taking time out of the kitchen became highly popular with TV dinners and more processed foods.

You see, though, when we take something super tasty out of our food, we have to replace it with something else to make it taste good again, and that’s where sugar comes into play.

So before I came upon my last puzzle piece in overcoming my digestive issues and gluten-sensitivity, I felt as though I had nothing left to eat unless the packaging told me it was gluten-free. I had to retrain my brain because all I knew about what to eat was the way I ate for the past 30 years.

I couldn’t think outside the box. With that, I continued eating the way I did, just gluten-free, keeping all the added and hidden sugars in my food, never thinking that it would continuously add to my already existing illnesses.

Once I became aware of the effects it could have on our health, I knew I needed to dig deeper, and with that, I needed to implement new ways when it came to my processed foods, retrain my brain and get back to the good old days.

I would love for you to watch the video I created on this subject, so you can find out a bit more, click this link right here and enjoy.

Exactly my experiences and struggles in overcoming my health challenges are why I created my brand new online course called ” Creating Healthy Habits & know your Hidden Sugars.” So you don’t have to take years doing research, go back to school, and go through the endless ups and downs in figuring out how to overcome your challenges.

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This class will bring you great awareness towards the added and the hidden sugars and the foods turning into sugars, plus great sugar alternatives, and so much more.

Also, I want to point out that yes, indeed, I love my processed foods, and with that, not all processed foods are bad, but we need to be aware of our ingredients and define what is an acceptable processed food for us.

I ended up giving myself a rule and learned how to recognize all the sugars added to my processed foods. This rule has helped me in making better decisions for myself and my family.

With this, I would like to end this blog and encourage you to watch my video about “Loving processed foods? Me too! Exploring the ins and outs of processed foods!”

Also, learn more about my class “Creating healthy habits & know your Hidden sugars.”

Let’s start kicking ass in life. You deserve it, and we can do that so much better when we feel our best.

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Thank you so much for reading and watching. I love that you keep coming back. That means you are ready to implement changes in your life, and for that, you are a Rockstar in my book.

Until next time, lot’s of love.

Xx Andi:)