Have you ever heard the saying ” The mind is a powerful tool.”? Well I think I will put this to the test. As much as I love living here in the beautiful part of New England, once the first snow storm hits, I wish I could pack my bags and move somewhere warm and sunny. As I was walking my poodley dogs the other cold morning, all I kept thinking was how cold I was, and how much I hated it.  Every year I go through the motions of disliking the cold.

So from now on I will try to re-train my brain, by telling myself that I love the cold and snowy weather, saying to myself every morning that I love winter. If you are anything like me and live in an area where you experience the same climate as I, I would love for you to join me in this challenge, and update me on your progress, as will I. Let’s see how powerful our mind actually is!