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Do you have a morning routine? Evening Routine or any routine you like to follow on a daily basis, if you do does it throw off your day if you don’t follow it? And if you don’t have a routine would you like to work toward one?

If you do have a routine, I would love to hear about it, and if you don’t, think of some things that you would like to include into your day or things that you may want to change throughout your day. Message me and let me know what these things may be. I can help you put together a great morning or evening routine. One that will improve your life day by day. Free of charge!

I have a very precise morning routine, which looks a bit like this:

I wake around 5:30 or 6:00 am and work out for about 40 min to one hour. I drink one to two 16oz. glasses of water with lemon or orange essential oil. This helps me hydrate from my workout and flushes out the toxins in my body.

Then I make breakfast and prepare lunch for everyone that needs one that day.

I bring my daughter to school, shower, and weather dependent take my dogs for a walk and then go to work. The days I can take my dogs for their morning walk I treasure very much. Taking in the fresh air, sun and morning breeze is almost like a walking meditation. While walking I can think of so many things. I come up with ideas for my business, my future or sometimes I just plainly day dream (which is my favorite, during daydreaming I can go anywhere in life. It’s amazing, sometimes I truly amuse myself).

To some this might sound like a lot first thing in the morning, and it is. But to me it has become a necessity.  My morning routine gives me structure. It clears my head and prepares me for the day ahead. To me this is important. Having incorporated this kind of routine to my morning makes me feel grounded and gives me a good foundation for the rest of my day. I have been doing this for many years on and off, and strictly without missing a beat for the past few years. It was different and at times difficult to stay within my routine, but I started small and worked my way up over time. In the beginning my workout was part of my evening as I did not have the capability to fit it in in my morning as time was tight with me not getting out of bed on time, early enough to incorporate it. I added a little more over time, starting with a 20 min workout in the morning, making breakfast and lunch, no walks, then I added my walks to my 20 min workout. Later I increased my workout time and the time I would wake up, until I came to today’s routine. Small steps, small improvements over time. Today, if I miss my routine, I feel as if something is missing throughout my day. Even if I get up later as I like to do on Sundays my exercise routine is still part of my day and making a family breakfast of course. The days I don’t stick to my routine, I definitely feel as if something is missing from my day and it can throw me off at times.

I have noticed that many times clients and people I talk to don’t have a routine built into their days and it seems (as it did with me), that their days are off and bring disorganization and sometime chaos to their mornings. I finally had enough and needed to do something about it, especially as a single parent of four at the time.

It was hard at first, but then it got easier and easier, as my day’s become smoother flowing, the kids got used to my routine as well and they become more relaxed and organized. A consistent routine has helped me greatly in keeping my sanity at times, now I would love to hear from you and see what you have to say about this subject.