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Want to know about my job & 5 things I love about:

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As a Lifestyle and Health Integration Coach, I get to pass along the lessons I have learned through the journey of my recovery from gluten sensitivity and digestive issues. My education has taught me many things that became lifesaving to me. Because of my own trial and error amongst the educational lessons I learned while getting certified as a coach and in gut health, have given me the great opportunity to pass it along to the people walking in the same shoes I used to.

While introducing my work to others the question keeps coming up, about what I do exactly. Most people know either a Health Coach or a Life coach.

I used to call myself a Health Coach until my own Coach pointed out that I do much more than just health coaching, as much of my work is also Lifestyle oriented. That’s when we decided it was time to change my title from Health Coach to Lifestyle and Health Integration Coach.

I think it suits my work very well and honestly, I believe it has been the missing piece to the puzzle when it came to my title. I always felt like something was not fitting or was missing. My job has been so rewarding and I just love the work I do today.

So, what’s the difference?

Health Coach

A Health Coach’s job is to focus on being a mentor to his/her clients with the focus on health issues, nutrition, fitness, and some lifestyle-oriented changes.

Life Coach

A Life Coach’s job is to be a mentor, focusing on tangible progress in someone’s life. This could be a career, life / goal-oriented, helping their clients identifying obstacles that might be holding them back from achieving their goals.

My Job

My job is to focus on both because I am a strong believer that greater success comes from achieving goals concerning someone’s digestive issues, as the digestive tract is the center of the nervous system. And for many of us, especially me, stress levels affect the way our digestive system operates at times.

I highly believe that one change in diet is not the answer to digestive problems. I believe that changing one thing in someone’s diet needs to be supported by another change in their life as both go hand in hand.

For example, when I first became gluten-free, my wellbeing didn’t really change all that much. Yes, I felt better for a while, but then I acquired a dairy sensitivity as well and things just never went back to a life where I could say that I felt good. Nor did it until I reevaluated my life and approached my stressors with soluble solutions.

When I help my clients connect the dots between their health and their lifestyle, achieving their goals has a much higher success rate. This combination changed things around for me in a very dramatic and positive way.

My motto is that one thing doesn’t fix it all, it is the combination of the two, to truly make it work.

My clients are coached individually as each client has their own unique situation, because of that, my program is extremely personalized.

What about me

My health never became what I needed it to be, even after becoming gluten-free. At first, I expected it was the answer to all my problems, when in fact it was not. It was not until I went the extra mile, combining my new, healthier ways with the necessary changes in my life, eliminating certain stressors, removing myself from unhealthy situations & I started adding healthier habits to my daily routines, such as eliminating added sugars from my diet and so much more.

My job, my program & 5 things I love about it;

Today my job is to

  1. Share the things that worked for me with others. I love doing that.
  2. My connection as a coach with the people, walking in the same shoes I used to.
  3. Being able to see my clients do things again, they haven’t been able to in the past.
  4. I can work from anywhere, as long as I have internet,
  5. Travel is never an issue. As a matter of fact, I am in the midst of traveling cross country as I am writing this blog.

A mini-preview

The following are a few things that I include in all my client’s programs before personalizing it to their specific needs.

  • If you are in need of improving your digestive health, gluten sensitivity so you can reach your health/lifegoal or continue effortlessly with your entrepreneurship, I can help guide you in the direction you need to go, through nutritional, fitness, accountability, and/or psychological changes.
  • I will be your mentor in achieving your goals while identifying obstacles that may have been holding you back from moving forward.
  • Including fitness in my coaching routines, as it’s such a big part of psychological wellbeing which reflects directly on digestive health. (Please know I am not a fitness coach though as I will not give you fitness coach like lessons)
  • Teaching my clients how to shop and cook for their digestive system and their food sensitivities, either over virtual lessons and tours, or one on one.
  • Figuring out exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to dietary needs through virtual interactive food journals.
  • Building appropriate roadmaps that guide my clients in the direction that fits their lifestyle best.
  • Weekly coaching sessions and support in between sessions help with keeping clients connected and on point with their progress.
  • Recorded sessions that are available to the client, giving my clients the opportunity to refresh their memory on past coaching sessions.
  • Open communication between the client’s progress and their medical or functional medicine doctors.
  • Depending on what package my clients decide on I give a bonus success coaching session after our program has ended.

I hope this has helped you understand my job as a Lifestyle + Health Integration Coach is. I love my job. I love helping others overcome their challenges so they can reach their goals in life. I have been able to do this for myself and I believe that there is no reason why it can be accomplished in my client’s lives either.

Working as a Lifestyle and Health Integration Coach has been very rewarding work and I am grateful today for having gone through my struggles, otherwise, I would not be here doing the work I do today.

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Thanks so much for checking in, I am super excited about our connection and can not wait to meet you and figure out how we can work together in achieving your Health and Lifestyle goals.

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Xx Andi 🙂