There you are driving in your car after new years day or even a week later? Pandora is playing all the right songs, traffic is light, the sun is about to set, its a beautiful evening, and here you are picturing yourself conquering the world; this year will be different, this year I will stick to my new years resolutions, this year I will get rich and I will look like that model in Vogue, and this is how I am going to do this. In our thoughts we have these elaborate images of us being that amazing person already, and suddenly ” The music stops, as you pull into your driveway”, and “bam” reality sets in, the dogs are barking the kids are screaming, everyone is hungry, and now your goal is to make dinner. By the time you are done and the kids are in bed, the dogs have been walked and it’s finally time for you to do you, you are tired. You still need to shower and it’s 10pm. It’s time for bed. Your thoughts come over you and you think, maybe tomorrow I can take another drive and experience that satisfaction of conquering the world one more time, and maybe tomorrow will be the day I will actually start conquering the world.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Have you ever felt this way?

I had an episode just like this one the other day and I made myself a new promise. I will take my dreams and break them down into little steps which eventually will lead up to one big step bringing me exactly to where I want to be. I will not make the promise to myself that by the end of this year I will have accomplished my big vision for my life, but I will promise myself that by the end of this year I will be a few steps closer to my big vision in life. I believe that many little steps towards one big goal can be more rewarding than one big step , that may set me up for failure and end up loosing faith in myself to accomplish my goals. This I have done in the past, setting myself up for failure by putting to many expectations on myself, knowing in the back of my head that I have certain priorities in life that can not be set aside and that little steps would be better. But instead I wanted immediate results, and life just does not happen that way. At least not my life. I feel better now that I have taken all this pressure off myself and I hope that my experience will help you in taking some pressure of yourself as well. We will achieve our goals one small step at the time and we will conquer our lives. This is my new years resolution to myself and you. I believe that we can do it together. What do you think, will you join me on this journey?