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Having come to that time in your life where success is in your favor after having gone through a lot in life, from childhood dramas to reinventing yourself after an unhappy and stressful marriage. You have been a survivor all your life. You can take difficult situations and see the light at the end of the tunnel. You don’t like giving up, period.  


The sun will shine in your back yard!


All your life you have been very determined, and you usually get what you want, because you don’t mind working hard and you realize that it won’t happen overnight, and that’s ok.


Well if that’s you, then you are in the right place.


I am right by your side, we share this journey!


What happened?


Seven weeks ago, we got hit with something no one saw coming.  I call it the quietest war of all time. Instead of taking to the battlefront with a gun, we take it with a mask, social distancing, being told not to be who we are. We aren’t allowed to do the things necessary to survive and support ourselves and our families. Yes, the whole world has been suffering.


Never have I thought this day would come, and honestly, I still don’t know what to make of all this madness.


Part of me wants to be in denial, to wake up in the morning and have it all as just a bad dream, but the other half knows it’s actually true as I have to deal with these consequences on a daily basis. Anger, fear, and hope are three of my current emotions that like to show up unannounced every so often. On the other hand, I very much enjoy having my family home and spending lots of time with them. I enjoy my lunch walks with my almost-husband and our dogs, being able to be surrounded by the people I love while working.


I feel anger though because, as I feel stripped of my capabilities of being the person I am, unable to do the things I want and need to do so I can care for my family and my business.


Fear comes with the unknown, what is going to come from all of this? I can’t even imagine how many people already have or will be losing their jobs, homes and so much more.


Hope comes with knowing that the world has learned positive lessons from this.


Now what?


Stress puts so much tension on our minds and bodies.  We can become obsessed with certain thoughts, beliefs…It can become a hamster wheel where our thoughts can become spinning obsessions and never-ending it seems.


Pema Chodron, my favorite female Buddhist, and her wisdom have been a major support system in the journey with my health, entrepreneurship, and spiritual guidance.


She explains the hamster wheel as “Shenpa”, the scabies itch. As my superhero, she draws me to her when I go through difficult times such as my divorce, or times such as these. My mind craves her wise words that help me through these times, in such simply explained and humorous but very realistic ways.  She sets me straight and helps me get my mind on a more positive track. As she writes about “Shenpa” in her book “Getting Unstuck” she explains how, at first we get hooked to an idea, a situation, someone saying something mean to us or a stressful confrontation….and once we are hooked we become stuck. Stuck in a way where our minds take over and obsess with whatever is bothering us. “Shenpa” is like the itch from a bad rash. The more it itches, the more we scratch. The more we scratch the bigger the rash becomes. The more we obsess the more our mental and physical wellbeing suffers.


Her book and her way of teaching have taught me to let go, focus on the things I can focus on right now, let go of the things that are out of my control. She has thought me to stop itching the rash that makes it worse.


She has taught me that staying present in the moment and feeling the sadness, pain, and fear, to sit in that emotion, feel it. Don’t try to escape it through itching, obsessing. Here letting go becomes a success.




We have to let go in order to be less stressed, to keep our bodies healthy and strong. We want to keep our gut healthy and our immune system strong. Stress weakens both of these dramatically. This means stress can make us ill, but we want to be healthy. We want to be able to move forward no matter what and the only way we can do this is by being healthy and strong.


Your turn;


Let me ask you this. What do you do when fear, anger, and the unknown take over your thoughts and feelings.


Please comment below as I love reading what has helped get you away from scratching your scabies rash!


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