Becoming gluten-free and becoming a health coach was a long journey for me. Today it may sound simple, as the gluten-free market has grown dramatically in the past ten years. With this said you may not consider the challenges that still come with it when it comes to cooking and baking and truly figuring out a way on how to not just replace one thing with another, but actually trying to substitute one food for a healthier version. Not that Pizza falls into that category, but pizza to me is a treat I will eat maybe once every other month, so I would like to truly enjoy it. Many failed recipes, especially when it comes to baking. One of the many foods I missed so much was pizza. Especially on a Friday night, when I truly didn’t feel like cooking. Pizza would be such an easy and yummy solution for dinner. Having tried many different kinds of gluten-free pizzas back in the day, the disappointment grew larger and larger. I’m sorry but gluten-free Pizza just tastes awful; I would rather not eat pizza. Which was exactly what I did for many years.

With time passing I have given it another chance and maybe it improved in taste or I just have learned to accepted how gluten-free pizza is supposed to taste. If you are reading this, and you have struggled with gluten-free pizza as much as I have, please let me know what your solution to the problem was. Other than making it yourself like me.

As I am not known to give up easily on the foods I like, I kept on trying to find a good gluten-free pizza, until I decided to make one myself. Of course, trying the right kind of flour for the job was a journey on its own. I was not going to make pizza dough out of almond flour. I don’t even want to know how that would work out. Don’t get me wrong, almond flour is amazing and I use it a lot, and I love the taste when it comes to my baked goods, but Pizza I just can’t imagine. If you are reading this and you have an amazing pizza dough recipe made from almond flour, I would love to hear about it. Just because I haven’t had it does not mean it does not exist.

Just yesterday I made homemade pizza with a recipe I found on Pinterest quite some time back. I must admit this recipe has been so far the best pizza recipe I have tried. The dough is soft, tasty, Pizza like I have never been much of a thin crust pizza person, I love the crust and I love the bread part the dough. It’s all just so yummy and gooey.

The flour I love for recipes as this one is the “King Arthur Measure by Measure Flour” this flour seems to work the best when it comes to consistency of the dough. I can also easily convert some recipes into gluten-free recipes, without doing too much experimenting around, with the amounts of flour to use.

However yesterday I did not have enough of my favorite flour, so I used a different kind of gluten-free flour. Still King Arthur, just not “measure by measure”, and the results were dramatically different. Following the recipe exactly the dough was way too sticky not very workable and felt grainy, (grainy feel and taste is so typical for gluten-free flour, I very much dislike that). I ended up adding the little bit I had from my measure by measure King Arthur flour and the dough ended up recovering. Not a hundred percent but enough for me to use it to make pizza. Thank God, because I very much wanted pizza yesterday. I attached a link below for this super easy and simple recipe on Pinterest. I hope you will try it out and hopefully, you will like it as much as I do.

I live in the Tri-State Corner of Connecticut so I have easy access to Massachusetts and New York State, therefore I get my flour from either “Big Y” or I will order it from my online Grocery Store “Thrive Market”.

If you are new to gluten-free I am sure you are in the middle of finding all the annoyances and frustrations out as we speak. I hope this blog will help you a bit with that. I love my job as a health-coach, helping others overcome their challenges being gluten-free.

I have attached the link below, for the Pizza Dough recipe on Pinterest, for you!