Processed or not

What is a processed food? I hear that discussion quite often or processed foods are bad for you, which is another thing I hear quite often. Having kids, a career, and a household my life has always been very busy. Back in those days, processed foods were a bigger part of my life than I actually realized. When I’m busy I can completely forget what it is that I am eating, as long as it satisfies me at the time. You know when you are so busy, and you forget to eat, or you eat because you have to? Whatever comes in handy at the time will be devoured? Yeah, that was me for a long time, especially when adding more than regular daily stressors in my life. Needless to say, taking care of my nourishing needs was not my main priority. I am sure if you have a busy life such as mine you might be able to relate to my experience.

Once I was diagnosed with my gluten sensitivity, I continued the way I was eating as I really did not want to take extra time to figure out how to change my diet to anything other than what I was used to. Extra time and energy were not in my book. I was going through a divorce and with that, my life was quite upside down. Stress was my number one friend. Can you relate to that? If you can you know exactly what I mean.

After continuing my eating habits the way I used to, just with gluten-free processed foods, I felt better for a little while and then not so much. I couldn’t figure out why! My motto was I’m eating gluten-free so why in the world aren’t I’m feeling better for good? I was unable to connect the dots between eating gluten-free and eating gluten-free for gut health. I didn’t know that I needed to eat so my digestive system could get a break from the foods that didn’t serve me. I took my body for granted and didn’t realize that my body needed to recover as much as I needed to. I didn’t realize that my body and I needed to team up for me to feel better. And the way I was eating played a very big role in this partnership.

That’s exactly what it is a “partnership” between me and my body. 

So here comes the question of the day, what are processed foods and are they bad for you? 

Processed food is food out of its natural state in my opinion. As a processed food can be something like scrambled eggs, as it has been scrambled and added ingredients to it and then cooked to an enjoyable consistency. When people think or talk about processed foods they usually talk about the ones that are in wrappers, put into cans, boxes or some kind of container such as cereals, granola bars, protein bars, TV dinners…. The list goes on, I think I could fill a whole page of processed foods. They are easy, convenient, loud (they yell at us from the store shelf claiming some kind of goodness) and of course satisfyingly delicious and we always want more of them. 

These are the foods I am talking about today. I love their convenience already prepared for me with added ingredients, wrapped up and ready for me to eat without me putting in any kind of effort, just unpack and eat. 

These are the processed foods that got me into trouble when I thought I could just keep doing what I was doing. My body has proven me wrong on that theory for sure. You see what I did not realize was that these kinds of processed foods had so many hidden sugars in them and preservatives, additives, GMO products which contain pesticides and other fillers that just are not natural ingredients. Sugars can cause inflammation and being diagnosed with gluten-sensitivity meant that my tummy was inflamed and unhappy from eating gluten. The only way I could accomplish my mission of feeling better, amongst other things, was going back to whole foods, eat true foods, the foods that grow on farms and gardens, not wrapped in wrappers. Yes, in the end, they can be processed as well, but at least they will be processed in my own kitchen, knowing exactly what’s in my food and where it came from, that’s the difference in processed foods that are good for you and the once that are not so much. This played a big role in getting my digestive system back on track.

This is how I am here today completely symptom-free; by adding whole foods to my daily diet accompanied with other changes I needed to add to my life. It is an incredible feeling. I am here to help you get back to feeling good again, help you eliminate your digestive symptoms related to food sensitivities. Help you get back in the driver’s seat.

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Thanks so much for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your day. Smile and be happy you deserve it!