Ready to commit to taking the steps to make a million bucks?

Commit to yourself, make a million bucks

It’s time to kick some ass and reach your goal.

What if I told you that you have the ability to make a Million bucks. Would you want me to show you how? Would you say something like “sign me up”! “Yes, give me some of that; when can we start?”

My answer would be, how about right now, let’s become a high achiever!

But wait, to be a high achiever, I will have to give it my all. I have to be able to perform with focus, motivation, and much work ethic. I can’t feel the way I’m feeling right now, having brain fog, nausea, anxiety all the time.

Am I ready for that? Do I have the energy for that?

Do I want to commit to that?

I find it so interesting that when I see people jump out of their seats when they are offered to make lots of money but stay seated in their seats when they are told to live healthier. I was one of them.

When did we decide that money was more important than our health?

You see, the thing is, we will never make a million bucks, reach that goal, buy that house, hike Kilimanjaro, or whatever it might be we are dreaming about for the past years if we don’t feel well.

I used to think money would fix all my problems. The truth behind that, though, was that I never moved forward in achieving my dream because I didn’t have the energy, the focus, the work ethic, the motivation… because I was unwell. I could hardly get myself out of bed. How in the world was I going to accomplish my dream? How was I going to make a million bucks? I dreamed about it day in and day out and about all the things I wanted to do! Without realizing that all the money in the world would be worth nothing without my health.

The unfortunate part is nothing changed, and I never moved closer to achieving my dream, and yes, making a million bucks. Nothing changed because I was not committed to myself and my well-being. My digestive issues, anxiety, gluten-sensitivity, and everything that came with this held me back in moving forward because I wasn’t feeling well enough to get myself doing the things I needed to do as a mother, small business owner in the first place. I couldn’t imagine adding any more responsibilities to my already existing responsibilities.

Look, I am not saying that you can’t make a million bucks, but what I am saying is that if you are not feeling well enough to motivate yourself enough to make a million bucks, the chances are slim, wouldn’t you agree?

So why not prioritize our goals and take our health before we get to the million. Let’s face it. Our health should always come first. Who are we when we are not feeling well? How can we show up in the world as a business owner, parent, entrepreneur when we can’t even show up for ourselves.

You see, the number one ingredient to success in my book is “commitment to ourselves. ” Let’s get accountable. Without commitment, nothing happens. We don’t move forward. We stay stuck and keep on dreaming instead of making our dreams come true.

So what if I told you that I could help you get out of your stuck rut, help you get to the point where you can take on the world to achieve your goal, and if that is making a million bucks, then this shall be a million bucks.

I will help you regain focus, motivation, energy, and feeling better, get your dietary challenges under control—May that be related to digestive issues, gluten-sensitivities, or any other kinds of dietary-related illnesses. I have worked with people suffering from digestive issues and gluten-sensitivity and clients with arthritis, cholesterol issues, and fibromyalgia (these are all diet-related issues, as these are inflammatory).

Feeling your best is the most important to move forward in life towards where you want to go.

Since I committed to myself, the world around me has become a much better place. I can show up not only for myself and my family but also for my dreams. I am now becoming a high achiever, and I am determined to reach my dream, working towards building my retreat, where I can help others show up for themselves and their dreams. Every day I am moving closer towards achieving my dream—one step at a time.

To become a high achiever, we need to feel our best.

So if you are anything like I used to be, where you want to reach your goal, but your lifestyle and diet keep holding you back as it does not give you the focus, motivation, and work ethic and the overall well-being you may need, I ask you to start committing to yourself. Start taking the initial steps to achieve your health and wellness goals, to achieve your lifestyle goals. Let’s make that million bucks.

You see, nutrition and lifestyle are the 2 main pillars in getting you where you want to go. You see, it’s almost like a domino reaction as one thing flows into another. When I am not feeling well, I am tired, my brain is foggy, I don’t perform well at work, or as a parent, when I don’t perform well, I get stressed when I am stressed I eat candy when I eat candy I get cravings for more candy. I don’t feel well because I ate too much sugar; it makes me cranky and adds to my inflammation in my body, so now I am tired again, and my brain keeps being foggy. I really don’t feel like exercising, and when I don’t exercise, it keeps going downhill even more. After all, now I’m not sleeping well either because I don’t exercise; my anxiety kicks in from the stress and the sugar I ate…..You see where I am going with this. It is a vicious cycle that gets harder and harder, affecting my overall well-being. With feeling the way I am feeling, I’m not getting any closer to reaching my dream but keeping me stuck dreaming about what life could be if I actually could achieve my dream.

Now I know that was a drastic picture I just painted for you, but I want you to stop and think if anything from this picture relates to you and why you might be more of a dreamer than a doer.

I know you want to be a doer, so let’s become a doer, commit to yourself. Let’s reach that goal, make that million bucks, buy that house, become that CEO, create your dream.

We all are given this one life. Let’s thrive and live our best life ever. Why? Because you deserve to live the best life ever, commit to yourselves.

Look, I believe in you. It’s time for you to believe in yourself.

From here on, I cheer you on, let’s kick some ass, commit to you.

Xx Andi 🙂

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