BBQ Chicken

Whenever I can’t figure out what to cook for dinner and OI really don’t feel like cooking, roasted chicken is usually the one that wins the dinner battle.

It’s quick to prepare and once you put it in the oven or on the grill, it’s time to forget about it for a while.

This makes it the perfect dinner of not having to stand in the kitchen for an hour or longer.

So yesterday at my FB live was one of those days, where I just couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to cook, and I really didn’t feel like cooking. It must have been the insanely rainy and dreary day.

So, let’s start cooking:

I use all organic, hormone and antibiotic-free products, free-range and local foods.

Preheat the oven to 375 F

1 whole “Roaster” chicken or two small whole chickens

I always like to wash all my food including meats, then take your chicken or chickens I had two small ones and place them in a baking pan.

Season them with:

Drizzles of olive oil

Sea Salt



Place in the oven until the chicken reaches the temperature of 165 F approximant 1-hour 30min. depending on the size of the chicken.

Add BBQ sauce 10 min before chicken is finished cooking

3 small/medium sweet potatoes  

Peeled and diced

Place in a bowl and season Potatoes with:

Sea Salt







Olive oil

Place in oven for about 40 min. depending on the size of the potatoes


I used Broccoli and cauliflower this time but of course, you can use any vegetable you like.

Very simple and lazy vegetables:

Cut florets into halves or quarters ( I like to peel the skin of my broccolis stem and use that as well, this makes the stem much more tender and easier digestible)   

Cook in a large pot or pan with:

Olive oil

Sea Salt



Add a little water to the pan if pan would get too dry (not more than a ¼ cup)

Cook for about 10 min stirring occasionally

Andi’s BBQ sauce

1 cup organic ketchup

¼ cup local Maple Syrup

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

Good dash of cayenne

2-3 good dashes of curry

2 cloves of garlic

Stir well with a whisk, use as much as you need for your chicken and store the rest in a sealed container in your refrigerator

Thanks, so much for stopping in I hope you will enjoy this lazy rainy-day meal.

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Until next time, enjoy this food while eating healthy nutritious foods without spending too much time in the kitchen.

XoXo Andi:)