A commitment I made for myself

A commitment I made for myself

In the past three weeks, my almost-husband and I started running.

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I have been working out five days a week for quite a few years now. I like using my elliptical trainer for 40 minutes at a time and then finishing up with some weights and floor exercises.

So yeah, I was quite surprised when I found myself out of breath with my chest hurting and truly not getting too far without feeling heavy and exhausted.

Since we started it’s been a slow increase with our progress. Slow and steady, a little further each week. Now we are training for our first 5K. We have set a goal for ourselves, to reach our 5K breakthrough in four weeks from today.

What we have found that has helped us with this goal was the purchase of this great app that gives us our very own personal coach right in our ear, which helps us through all the necessary steps.

  • She is right by our side,
  • she keeps time for our intervals.
  • Helping us breathe during and after our running times
  • Keeps track of time.
  • She keeps track of how fast, how far, and how well we did.
  • She keeps track of our new record highs in speed, inclines and distances.


Having my almost-husband join me in running created a built-in support system for motivation and celebrating our new records and accomplishments together which is so special and important to have while learning a new skill.
Our coach though, has given us the important and much-needed guidance to get us to the finish line successfully. The kinds of tools we know we need and possibly could have tried out ourselves to implement in our runs, but
a.) did not know how to apply correctly and
b.) would not have been able to implement successfully as we are inexperienced runners, to keep us on a continued road to success.
We have and continue to learn techniques on how to:
  • breathe,
  • step,
  • what part of our feet we should land on while running,
  • where our shoulders and arms should be while running,
  • but most importantly how to build up momentum so we can make it to the finish line.

Our new techniques are becoming new habits while running. These tools I find necessary so we can actually breathe through our running times, without collapsing on the ground.

Being able to make such progress has given us the confidence to start training for our first 5K. These tools give us the possibility to keep on going after our first goal will be completed in a motivational, healthy, and safe way.

Learning how to run has reminded me about similar ways that we learn how to take better care of ourselves, implementing new strategies for getting our health back on track. When it came to my business adventures and how to apply strategies so I can run a successful business, learning new things and applying them.

When trying, learning new things, adjusting to new things figuring out my new way of life to be healthy and successful at the same time I decided that I could do it myself, my ego took over and I felt that me sharing this journey with anyone else would be a sign of weakness, and I surely did not like that.

I wasn’t thinking about the facts when I returned to school, I had my teachers that could help support and answer the questions I had. Learning how to horseback ride in my 40’s, I had my coach. Learning how to cook as a teenager I had my mom, so why is it when it came to my health I believed I needed to do this by myself, figure everything out and have everyone around me and my business suffer, while I was learning alone instead of getting help, it felt like failing.

I find it crazy how life can be so similar in so many ways, and yet we decide when we should or should not accept help. Achieving the goals we set for ourselves such as improving our health, running a successful business, we like to opt-out of receiving help. With something much simpler like learning how to run at the age of 49, we support the idea of seeking help from an outside source. So why not find support so we can actually achieve our goals when it comes to the most important part of our life, our health and wellbeing!

It’s hard to achieve new habits for our life and health. We need to have someone by our side that will help us reach our goals. When we do, that someone will give us

  • the right tools,
  • create road maps,
  • support us through our successes and struggles,
  • pinpoint our triggers, that might get us off track,
  • but also celebrate our successes with us.

Most importantly, let’s not forget often our coaches have been exactly where you are today, so they can relate, and apply the things they have learned throughr2 their journey onto your journey.

A commitment I made for myself

Yes of course we could do this ourselves, and I have been thinking back, and I remember where I used to think that I knew how to tackle my struggles by myself when it came to my health and business. My ego told me I didn’t need any support from anyone, I could do it by myself. This made my road to success a very long road, with many fallbacks. I learned a lot of things the hard way.

Not only did I have many setbacks, but my journey felt lonely at times. I wished I could have someone to celebrate my victories with but in order to have someone to celebrate my victories I needed to let someone in on my struggles first.

My what-ifs have held me back in life too many times. My ego has told me that I can struggle through challenges myself way too often and yes, I keep getting to the finish line, but boy let me tell you it can get tough doing it alone. The day I decided that I wanted help and support was the best day of my life, because now when I am on the ground ready to give up, my support system is right by my side telling me to get up and get to the finish line. I am not sure if I would have made it this far without my coach and my fiancé.

Today I tell my ego to be quiet and I follow my instincts. I decided its ok to be humble, even though I am a warrior that does not give up easily, not on myself or others. I like to stick around and that’s exactly how I like it.

I would love to hear from you. Where you are right now, are you ready to take the next steps in getting to your finish line, accomplish your health goals?

Drop me a line below, I love to read your comments and I love answering you as well.

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