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Keeping my immune system strong is so important no matter what time of the year it is, but during crazy times such as these I know I can get worried, and with worry comes stress and that’s not a good thing for our immune system. So, I have to take a little extra care of myself.

I have caught myself though, with all this uncertainty and being homebound taking care of myself has become more difficult. I like to get sidetracked lounging, not doing the work I should be doing. Eating more comfort food than ever before and slacking on my exercise.

As you can see this has not been working out for me. It’s like a domino reaction when one thing ignites another.

I have to remind myself that I need to keep up on my exercise, my nutritious cooking and putting on regular clothes without staying in my P.J.’s.

If you can relate you know how easy it is to get carried away by the knowledge that you have nowhere to go and time is on your side, so what’s the rush, right?

I have noticed that when I get dissatisfied with myself, I stress easier and I eat unhealthy foods to top it off. None of these things do any good to keep myself healthy, as it puts stress on my body. Extra stress is not something I like to add, especially during such uncertain times. Stress has no good outcome on my body. My immune system weakens as it thinks it needs to fight something off, and that just keeps on spiraling down, like a domino reaction. Next thing I know I feel exhausted for no reason, then impatient and so on.

If you can relate and you are someone like me, you know that the only way we can get a handle on this is by taking care of ourselves, sticking to our daily routines and nourishing our bodies to the fullest.

So I have some tips share with you that have helped me keep my immune system healthy and happy over and over again.

I follow Dr. Mark Hyman, I share his suggestions on top of mine, as I have implemented them into my life over the years:

  1. Cut out sugars from your diet. Sugars and starches can cause inflammation. This can be tough though and if you find that you have trouble with this, I offer a 1 Month “quit sugar” program where we work together in cleaning up your diet from sugars and find healthy alternatives. To sign up for the program click this link right here: https://p.bttr.to/2VOXaCK
  2. Make sure to have enough protein in your diet such as meats.
  3. Add onions and garlic to your food. They have great antimicrobial properties. (Every meal I cook have either garlic or onions or both. This is the way I learned how to cook from my mother, they are not just good for you but add incredible taste to my food).
  4. Add lots of great spices and herbs to your food such as ginger, oregano, turmeric, thyme, basil..(make use of that spice drawer in your kitchen, my spice drawer is the drawer I can’t cook without)
  5. Lots of Vegetables (high in phytonutrients, which is the plant’s natural defense system,
  6. it gives us a great number of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories plus they are great prebiotics to keep our good gut bacteria happy, high in vitamins such as vitamin C), lots of dark green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, peppers, sweet potatoes…Eat fruits, especially berries these are high in polyphenols/antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin C.

7. Eat fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, kefir

8. Drink lots of fluids, but no sugary drinks, drink water and herbal teas ( I like to drink warm water that makes it easier for me to keep up on my water intake in the winter as I am always cold)

9. Get enough sleep. 7-8 hours is great

10. Exercise daily. 20 minutes of walking is a nice gentle exercise, yoga, cardio, palates…If you need some classes online you can find a great variety at https://dailyburn.com/app#!today I just signed up with them and I like the large variety classes they offer. Calm your mind with meditation, either guided, moving or with meditation music sit quietly and rest your mind.  I like to find much of my meditation on YouTube or the “YogaStudio” app. The “InsideTimer” app is also very good.   

11. Late but not least, add bone broth to your daily diet, I always have fresh bone broth in my fridge that I use for cooking on a daily basis if I can. I Like to use it for my microbiome to keep my gut healthy.

I hope this has inspired you a bit to keep your immune system happy and healthy. I know it can be difficult to get yourself up and out of a lounging state, but I find that this is important to all of us during not only difficult but also normal times. It keeps our mind and body fit for good performance inside and out.

If this is the time for you to kick your health up a notch and you have decided that your food sensitives have given you enough of a run for your money and that you deserve better than suffering from daily nausea, bloating, diarrhea … Click the link below and we can have a FREE virtual mini-coaching session where we will enjoy this time together and talk about:

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Thanks so much for stopping in and reading my blog, I hope to see you again soon.

XoXo Andi 🙂