I was traveling last week to the amazing state of Colorado, which by the way, I completely fell in love with. Getting there by plane can sometimes become a challenge, as nonstop flights from Connecticut are almost impossible. My first flight back from Denver to Charlotte North Carolina was perfectly fine. Our second flight from North Carolina to Connecticut became a bit challenging. With tired little children on the plane, one, in particular, was very unhappy. Being a mother of four myself and having traveled with little ones often, particularly flying overseas to see my family, I know things can get tough with little babes being overwhelmed, overtired or just plain cranky.

Back in the day, I was still quite unfamiliar with essential oils, so trying to calm my unhappy child on a plain was challenging at times. Depending on the weather, I was allowed to walk the aisle or did I have to stay seated in my seat. Whether the plane was crowded or half empty, where their people making loud noises or were, they quiet? Many things and circumstances come to mind when it comes to keeping unhappy children in a confined place calm and happy, and if I’m lucky asleep.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with my refrigerator or pantry. Well as I was mentioning a bit ago, I was not too familiar with essential oils back in the day when my children were under the age of two. Today I have essential oils everywhere, in my pantry, in my pocketbook, in my travel bags, on my bedside table and on my kitchen island. I never travel without them. They have helped me enjoy my travels so much more, to the point where I just don’t stress anymore. One oil in particular named “Stress Away”, is my favorite. I guess the name gives it away. It is a wonderful blend of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea and Lavender essential oils. Yes, it helps eliminate your stress, especially the ones your body decides to stress over without your consent, such as anxiety over flying, or travel in general, that job interview you may have, or that presentation. It also helps with stressful days at work or stressors that are brought on by the people around you. My “Stress Away” is always in my pocketbook, so if I need it while traveling or otherwise it’s always available.

After taking off from Charlotte one particular child was very unhappy. I felt so bad for him and the mother, especially as people around them were getting a bit frustrated. I decided I would go offer the mom some of my amazing “Stress Away”. I went up and asked the mom if she would like to give it a try, put a little on her neck and let her baby relax from the scent. I didn’t want her to put anything on the baby as babies’ skin could be sensitive to the oil, and they were complete strangers to me, and I had no idea of their health history. I offered it to the mom and explained what it was and she said she wanted to try it. I gave her literarily one drop that she applied to her neck, I returned back to my seat. The baby calmed down the crying slowly disappeared. Coincidence? Maybe! But I don’t think so! I know what my “Stress Away” can do. I actually did not see the mom after getting off the plane so I’m not sure what she thought about all of this. All I do know is that the rest of the flight was quite a bit more relaxing, so was the baby, the mom and the rest of the people around me.

Thank you “Stress Away”.

I guess I just gained one more reason to carry my essential oils with me at all times, not only are they good for me but also for the people around me.

If you were interested in finding out more about Essential Oils or would like to purchase the kinds I use, click on the link below.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe this will help you with some things that you may struggle within your life.