Superpowers! Flaws! How to beat one to empower the other!

It is so easy to find flaws over finding our strengths in ourselves and even in others. I know I have always had a much harder time finding my strong points. Finding flaws and things I dislike about myself I am much quicker to point out and complain about.

Do you ever find yourself in a situation like mine?

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Our flaws can show up through:

  • Negative self-talk (I am so stupid, I can’t do this, I won’t succeed…)
  • Comparison (I will never have abs like her, she already has more clients than me, he has more likes than me…)
  • Giving up (I can’t do this, There is no point in me continuing..)
  • Distractions/procrastination (I should do the dishes instead of working on my business, and then the laundry, oh yeah, and then we have to….)

We are more vulnerable through flaws when we are:

  • Tired
  • Stressed
  • Not feeling nourished

Meaning that we are much quicker to negative self-talk, comparison, giving up, and distract ourselves from moving forward.

I am very quick to point out that I messed up on something and how stupid I was to do such a thing.

Negative self-talk is definitely one of my flaws I do it often and I seem to think it is ok. But when my kids do it, I highly dislike it. I never realized until my husband pointed out that they say all the things I say to myself. That’s when I realized I taught them to negatively self-talk. That’s when I decided I needed to stop, modeling self-destructive behavior.

In my kids, I can see that what they say is not true, but somehow, I have difficulty seeing the truth in myself.

Why do we do these kinds of things to ourselves?

In my case, I have not been able to accept my back for what it is and that is a problem. I know that I am doing as much as I possibly can to keep my back healthy. I am not in pain, I work out, I get massages…I still keep wishing that my back could be like Susi’s back. In my mind, successful people don’t have bad postures like me and I know that it has held me back in the past.

Comparison is an evil flaw!

Who says that because I was born a certain way, I can’t be successful? No One!!!!!!

Do you know what I mean, can you relate?

Let’s STOP it right now, together!

We cannot move forward and become the successful people we want to be if we keep comparing and beating up on ourselves and focus on our flaws.

Giving up on our dreams and goals can happen if we feel we aren’t up for the job, or we don’t feel good enough, strong enough, smart enough…This is all nonsense, it’s our mind that keeps playing tricks on us.

Distraction comes in and keeps us from moving forward, directing us towards the things, that we know we can do because we have been doing them forever, such as cleaning the house.

Ever since I took my business to the next level and became serious about it, I have to say that cleaning my house is not my first priority anymore, otherwise, my business will never grow.

It is hard to take something when you have no idea about the outcome. Putting everything on the back burner for the unknown is scary. That’s ok though because if we don’t pursue it, we won’t ever know the outcome and actually live our dream or accomplish our goal.

Comparison and living our lives through the success of others brings us nowhere. We have to be who we are, accept ourselves for who we are. Turn our flaws into our superpowers.

The way we can do this is by taking a good look into the mirror and ask ourselves:

  • Who am I? (am I a mother, entrepreneur, wife, friend, teacher, sister…)
  • What are my big/small accomplishments? (raised my children, wrote my book, build a successful business, build my house, cooked a delicious dinner, did my workout today….)
  • Who or what am I comparing myself with? (my sister, neighbor, Orpah, the Rock, classmate, the other person in the gym….)
  • What am I afraid of? (failure, disappointment, judgment, end result…)
  • How can we get past these barriers?

Getting past these barriers that are holding us back in life, the thoughts that keep weaving in at any time, can be hard.  So, let’s prepare for those times, so we can beat this thing to learn to, love who we are, accept ourselves for what we have done, and want to get out of life.

Let’s do these things to find our superpowers:

  • Create a mantra (I am worth it because.., I can do this, because..I am strong..I will succeed, because..)
  • Tell yourself that this negative thought serves no more purpose to you and exchange it with your mantra.
  • Write affirmations (I only fly first class because…I am a successful business owner because…I live a healthy life because…I travel the world because…)
  • Influence others in positive ways. Paying it forward will reflect on to you. It’s like a mirror as you teach others you will learn from your own teachings.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep (rested minds make a positive mind).
  • Exercise to keep your endorphins up (happy endorphins give you positive energy).
  • Eat a healthy, sugar-free diet (nutritious foods keep our minds clear and help with decision making and focus).

Let’s kick ass with our superpowers. There is no reason why we should think of ourselves as less worthy than others. We all deserve to live life to the fullest. That includes accomplishing our goals and dreams without negative self-talk, comparison, giving up on ourselves, or distractions that keep us from moving in the direction we want to move in.

Let’s be amazing superpowered humans and let’s kick ass at living life. We deserve it!

I can’t wait to hear what your superpower is, how you conquered it, and what you have done with it in life. So please comment below and leave your superpower thoughts.

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