Are you familiar with the term the “Dirty Dozen”?

The Environmental Working group releases an annual dirty dozen list of fruits and vegetables that are the highest in pesticide residue. These are the fruits and vegetables that I always suggest to by organic. The clean 15 is the list with the least pesticide residue. These fruits and vegetables are safe to buy non-organic.

This list helps people (and me) to live healthy on a budget. Personally, I buy 95% organic when it comes to my fruits and vegetable, but I have days when I cannot afford to by organic. That is when this list comes in handy for me.

When it comes to meats, I always buy antibiotic and hormone free, not necessarily organic. Organic meats can be very expensive. Buying meats from local farms where you know the source is antibiotic and hormone free, or your local stores is just as good. I personally love to go to Guidos 30 minutes from my home. I trust this store and the quality of their food is outstanding. If you have a store like mine near you, I highly suggest buying your meats from there.

The reason why I started buying organic, antibiotic and hormone free is because it was suggested to me by my doctor. At first, I thought he was crazy, the money already spent on food with four children and now I should be buying organic on top of that? The thought alone was hurting my wallet.

After experimenting with different grocery stores, pricing, quality of food and also the dirty dozen list, I have to say I found my store. Even though Guidos is not the cheapest but the quality beats it all, I must admit. As for eating organic, antibiotic and hormone free my health has improved dramatically. I have never felt better in my adult life as I am today, and I strongly believe the reason for this is because of the food I choose to eat. I believe that “we are what we eat”. I always have, I just never took the time to actually think about the foods I used to eat. My gluten sensitivity along with my other health issues, I have since long conquered and completely eliminated out of my life, having given me the gift of awareness of the things I feed myself and my family.

I hope this blog will inspire and help you make healthy food decision for yourself as well.

Thank you for stopping by & reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed it.

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