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When I first talk to the people that I eventually get to coach,  the question of “how much sugar do you eat”? comes up often.  Most of the time the answer would be” I don’t eat much sugar, I actually have been cutting down on sugar, or I have been eating an anti-inflammatory diet”.
Then I asked them what they had for breakfast, which is usually packed with sugar. These hidden/added sugars were either unaware of or just did not make the connection between already added or self added sugars. 
I have found that this had applied to myself as well. Often we don’t connect the dots between sugars that we add ourselves and the ones that have been already added for us. The muffin I grabbed on the go this morning had added sugars in it. Hm, let me think about that.
This is the time where awareness comes into play. When I started paying attention to the foods I was actually eating, I was shocked by how much of my food actually had already added sugars or sugar substitutes I didn’t recognize by name.
Being diagnosed 10 years ago for gluten sensitivity had me completely ignorant of the fact that I needed to change things in my diet and my lifestyle.  Two years later I finally decided I needed to change, but I still did not make the connection between the effects of my daily sugar intake, and how much it played a role in my diet, lifestyle, and wellbeing. My gluten sensitivity was a bit better but eventually, I felt awful from dairy and even from water. Yeah, stupid right?
You see when I kept on eating sugar, my digestive system was unable to rest and get better. I kept feeling nauseous, cramping, and so on. I hated it. What I didn’t know, was that sugar could throw off your gut bacteria, and with that, it could cause inflammation and inflammation could cause disease. 
I got a food sensitivity at the age of 38. I’m not saying that sugar caused it, but I am saying sugar was a part of me not getting any better. Lots of things had a part in getting a food sensitivity this late in life. Stress was definitely one of the number one causes for me, amongst my bad eating habit (stress eating), not taking time for myself…..I could go on and on about this.
How much sugar does the average American eat?
The government released a PDF stating how much sugar the average American eats,

About 152 pounds of sugar per year, that’s about 3 pounds or 6 cups of sugar per week. That’s horrible my tongue seems to stick to the top of my mouth just from that thought. That’s crazy, have you looked at what a pound of sugar looks like lately?
Yes, I was shocked to think I used to eat that much sugar. I mean I used to put sugar on cereal, on cucumbers, I would wake in the morning and eat a whole bar of chocolate haha. Crazy right?
What would you answer be today if I were to ask you how much sugar you think you are eating? How is your digestion doing?
Being aware of the foods I ate and how much sugar was actually in them even though I didn’t add the sugar myself, was a huge step in the right direction for me. Once my awareness grew, reading labels and the ingredients became a large habit of mine, getting to know the many names of hidden sugars was huge. Get your FREE Guide here ” The 411 on hidden sugars” it will give you the many names of sugars, great sources from trusted sources I like to follow, and a bonus list of the chemical sweeteners that should also be avoided.

My Rules;
My today’s rule of thumb for myself is “If it has more than 5 ingredients, I won’t eat it. If I can’t read the ingredients, I won’t eat it”.
What do I do today?
I totally get that we have extremely busy lives including myself and we all like to grab something convenient, easy on the go. Believe me, I have been there and still do.

The 5 things I do today, to help me keep on track

  • I plan ahead, I know that tomorrow I will be very busy and maybe missing lunch I make sure to pack lunch and snacks for myself, so I don’t have to run out and grab something where I don’t know what’s in it. This way I am in complete control over what I eat even though I am super busy.
  • I bring and buy quick and convenient foods I like to go with the foods that have no added ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, meats, nuts, seeds…
  • Home cooking is another thing I like to do when it comes to eating sugar-free foods, this is where I have 100% control over my food intake.
  • When I am out and about for the day I always bring snacks so I am not tempted to buy chunk foods or foods that are truly filled with sugars, such as a candy bar. I mean let’s face it. Who doesn’t crave that Twix at the register, or that delicious pastry while getting your morning or midday coffee?
  • Planning ahead is a big deal in my daily life as it brings me a peace of mind, knowing that I don’t need to run out and rush to find something I can eat that is good for me.
With this being said, added sugars have been a key ingredient I needed to remove from my diet so I could get to where I am today. I love my having a healthy gut it has given many great opportunities in life, that I would have never attempted years ago. I broke free from the chains of digestive issues and gluten sensitivity and its wonderful. 
Today I share my experiences, knowledge with my clients after going back to school and becoming certified as a coach and in gut health. I love my job and it is an honor working with people who are walking in the same shoes I used to. 
When you are ready to take your gluten-sensitivity, digestive health to the next level, and are seeking a support system; someone that keeps you accountable gives you great knowledge, and lays out a personalized plan for you while keeping you at your high-performance job, give me a shout. I’ll bring you to the finish line, where your goals are waiting to be reached.

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Andi 🙂