The excitement is real! This 1 course can help you so much! It’s finally here!

 The excitement is real 1 course creating healthy habits

This 1 course will help you create awareness of the hidden sugars in our foods. While creating awareness, we form new habits.

OMG, I can’t believe it’s finally here! 1 course that can help you so much!

Ok, my people, it is here, my baby, the baby I have been working on for the past six months, creating this super important course for you.

It’s the “Create healthy habits, know your hidden sugars” course.

You might be wondering why I think this course is important. Well, I am so happy you asked.

Becoming aware of the hidden and added sugars in our food is the key ingredient to create healthier habits towards calming the inflammation in our body.

You see, there are so many different kinds of sugars in our food, which most of us don’t even realize. We buy what the commercials tell us, what the packaging tells us. Never thinking about the ingredients.

Our sugar consumption has changed dramatically over the past 200 years, where eating sugar today has been way over the recommended doses. Did you know that the average person eats about 152 pounds of sugar per year?

When I first eliminated gluten from my diet, I decided that it would be good for me if the packaging said gluten-free. Not thinking about that, I needed to do more to calm the inflammation in my digestive system.
Never once did I look for sugars, added sugars in my processed foods.

I didn’t know that sugars caused or added to my inflammation. So why look for it, right.

You see, it was not until I became aware of the consequences sugar can implement on my body. This was a horrible discovery, as I was a sugarholic. My life was full of sugars, morning, day, and night. I never could get enough of the sweet stuff. Not once did I think it could negatively affect my body, add to my inflammation in my digestive system, and continuously add to my gluten-sensitivity.

Once I became aware of the hidden sugars and learned the names of the hidden sugars, I was able to bring my awareness to the store and the foods I never thought would contain sugars but actually do. I was able to create healthier habits and eventually calm the inflammation in my body.

Eventually, I was able to apply my awareness towards the foods in the grocery store and the foods I cooked in my own kitchen, the foods we order out for, and the foods we got at a restaurant. I created new habits that still are with me today and have kept me and my overall well-being exactly where I want it to be.

This new awareness became the best news I had received in a very long time. Becoming aware of the hidden/added sugars and the foods that turn into sugar became the missing piece to my puzzle. This missing puzzle piece completed my journey in calming not only my inflammation but also my gluten-sensitivity.

This is why I created this 1 course, as I believe that many of us have not connected the dots between the consistent sugar-loaded diets and the effects of sugars on our bodies. Plus, I highly believe that we all deserve to live a full rounded life without our foods’ negative effects.

I promise you there is plenty of food for us to eat that will not give or add to our inflammation. All you need is some open-mindedness and a commitment to yourself. Believe in yourself and that you deserve better.

Let me tell you about the things I have covered in my class, and did I say: the excitement is real!

  • The many names of sugars and artificial/chemical sweeteners,
  • How sugar consumption has changed
  • How too much sugar consumption can affect us.
  • You will learn about what you can expect once eliminating sugars from your diet and how to ease the process.
  • All about sugars in liquid form and what to replace them with
  • Foods that turn into sugars
  • Processed foods the good and bad
  • How to curb the cravings for more sweets
  • Acceptable sugar alternatives
  • Recipes from me to you
  • Lots of references from the experts

And wait for it! There is more, right now you will also receive;

  • A FREE 1on1 coaching session with me, which normally would be $150.00
  • Plus my Free mini-course, “The 411 on meal-prepping.”

How amazing is that? The excitement is real! Get your hands on this 1 course today!

Make awareness towards the hidden sugars your superpower and create healthier habits for your overall well-being.

So that’s all the good news I have to share with you today. Please let me know if you have any questions at all; I’ll be happy to answer any of them.

So, come find out more about this amazing course of mine, just click right here.

I am so happy you are here and reading my blogs I am so happy I can be your coach by your side.

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Until next time I cheer you on and lots of love

Xx Andi đŸ™‚

1 course created by your Lifestyle + Health Integration Coach

The excitement is real! It’s finally here! I created this 1 course just for you to create healthier habits and grow awareness towards the hidden sugars.