The Journey begins. 7 things on how we did it

The Journey begins, 7 things on how we did it.

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You know, goal setting is one of those things where when we take it head-on and achieve the goals we set, they can become fulfilled and life-changing. With that being said, I have to say that as little as 3 years ago, I would have never attempted this kind of adventure with the digestive issues and gluten sensitivity I have had for so many years.  Plus, I am a huge chicken when it comes to doing things outside my comfort zone.

Actually, chicken might be underrated, more like a “big bird.” My goal, though, was to beat my food sensitivities, digestive issues and become more adventurous. So I can do exactly what we are doing as I am writing this. We have just started our journey, after working towards it for the past years. We are headed out to move cross country while making this a 6-week journey in our first RV with our two dogs Little Bear and Diesel.

Getting here was a long journey. As I mentioned above, my digestive issues and gluten sensitivity gave me lots of troubles for many years, so even though we had this dream of “going cross-country in an RV, I never thought it would actually be something that could be possible for me. My health issues kept me at home and non-adventures.

Often, we dream about the life we want to live, and we imagine that we could totally do this, and that is exactly what we want. When it comes to achieving it, many of us stop dead in our tracks and give up before even hitting the starting line.

  • We make up excuses about why
  • We get scared
  • We distract ourselves from actually attempting what we want.
  • We move on to the next goal/dream, hoping this one might be easier, quicker to achieve

But sometimes, we want to reach that goal, live that dream so desperately that we will do anything to achieve it. You see, even though I thought it was impossible for me, I never gave up on it, and I continuedly kept moving towards that goal. So, I did everything in my power to beat this thing of mine.

I have no idea why we hesitate at times and give up before we start. For me, though, it was fear that kept me from where I eventually wanted to be. I kept imagining, dreaming, setting goals, and then giving up before I even started. Often, I felt it was way too much work, and I really didn’t have the time or energy to approach this goal. Or when it came to my health, I plainly was not ready to give up certain foods especially, gluten or sugar. Not to mention my courage that had been missing even to begin.

I do have to admit that even though I had many life goals that I did not pursue, the ones I did end up pursuing, I stuck with, I never gave up on them. Flexibility and allowing for change was one of the main ingredients in achieving them.

For example, my husband and I have been talking about moving out west for as long as we have been together. We also have always talked about the possibility of buying a camper and traveling all over.

Did we think that we would buy camper travel all over the country while moving out west in the midst of a pandemic? HECK NO! That’s where flexibility and room for change definitely have been the most pronounced.

We have been researching and looking at campers for years. We have been traveling out west to find the right state year after year. We knew we wanted to move in 2020, which was the only thing set in stone. How we would do it and where we would end up living was up in the air ( it still kind of is).

With this, we left ourselves as much flexibility as possible. We were open to accepting changes to our plans and into our life.

Knowing that moving to Colorado was our end goal, we made a plan by pinching pennies,  saving money, and do research.

The Journey begins, 7 things on how we did it.

  1. We made a list of the things we wanted and needed, eliminated the things we only wanted and stuck with the things we needed. (We need the internet so we can work from home, but we don’t need cable TV, we need good quality food, but we don’t need to go out to dinner….you get the point)One paid the bills, the other one saved
  2. We worked overtime, 2 and three jobs at the time.
  3. We stopped shopping for the things we wanted but didn’t need
  4. Paid things off early to eliminate payments
  5. We started to minimize our lifestyle by enjoying simple and free things (Instead of going on a date and spend money at the restaurants, we would enjoy going for walks)
  6. We never stopped talking about our end goal.
  7. We always imagined the best-case scenarios together, researched, and explored our ideas together.


The Roadblocks.

When this pandemic first started, we thought it would have all passed by now, and the closer we got to the date that we picked, the lesser it seemed to go away.

At first, we were hesitant as roadblocks appeared, making us second guess. We were unsure about housing (Hotels or no hotels), food, social distancing, the amount of driving with a UHAUL and two dogs, more stress than we wanted. If we could actually pull this off, and if so, when and how, it would have to be a more relaxing experience, without driving an insane amount of hours per day and struggling with finding the appropriate hotel rooms for dogs and cleanliness.

Roadblocks that turned our goals into an active adventure

Thanks to the pandemic, we now get to enjoy all three goals simultaneously, as we will be traveling cross country in a camper, adventuring, and working from the road while finding our new home in Colorado. Taking our time to get there and making some amazing pitstops on our journey.

Taking this journey in a camper allows us to bring housing, food, social distancing, adventures, and lots of dog-friendly time with us. No rush getting there. If anything, we are dragging this journey out so we can enjoy national parks along the way.

Luckily, we had managed to save up money ahead of time. Most importantly, I overcame my gluten-sensitivity and got my digestive health back on track. I have been consciously working on being more courageous, so we could take this journey without stressing not quite as much. Now we are doing the things neither one of us wanted to give up on, and with this, we are starting our adventures.

These goals have taken us 9 years to achieve, and we knew 2020 was the right time to do this, so we kept pushing for it.

I encourage you to be open-minded about your goals, let them have some wiggle room to change. Keep moving forward, put in the work, and move towards achieving your 1 year, 5 years, 10-year goals.

If we can do it, so can you!

I hope that you will follow us along our journey, as we love to share it with each one of you. I will broadcast fresh updates weekly on my Facebook page “Andi’s HealthyForFood to follow click this link:

My most favorite saying is, (which, by the way, I have on my phone for daily reminders):


Ask yourself if what you’re doing today

is getting you closer

to where you want to be


Thanks so much for tuning in. Until next time, much love,

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