Young Living Essential oils Why’s?

When I first discovered the intensity of all my health issues that I suffered through due to my gluten-sensitivity I was lost. It brought so many other symptoms with it aside from just digestive issues, such as anxiety, heart palpitations. Stress also played a big role in my life at the time as it was through the roof. I was in the midst of a nasty divorce and nothing came easy.

The good thing was that I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils just at the right time which I have to say were a life safer back then and honestly, they still are today. I have used essential oils during my journey of getting my digestive issues, food sensitives, and my insanely stressful life under control and back to a state of normalcy.

young living essential oils

 Young Living Essential oil How’s?

Since then, I have used essential oils every day, as perfume, for meditation, focus, aches and pains, stress reduction and so much more. 

I use them on my skin, on my pressure points, where it hurts, on my wrists, neck, chest & over my heart. 

Internally, in my food, my water, tea, directly on my tongue. 

Through aromatherapy with my diffuser, cupping my hands over my nose and in the car in an air vent diffuser.

These oils have given me my life back as they were and still are among my greatest support system when it comes to helping stabilize my health. 

I am currently going through a flareup with Lyme disease. With this, I love using my Thyme Essential Oil in combination with the antibiotics I have to use. My daily dose of Thyme goes in my Diffuser every day, this helps so much with my recovery during this painful time. 

My Oils come with me at all times including my current travels, a six-week journey across the country. Our destination is Colorado where we will relocate from Connecticut after 30 years. 

There is an oil for everything and I have more than I can carry, but I definitely have some favorites that I add to my life on a daily basis, or as needed.

The best 10 Young Living Essential oils

  1. Valor
  2. Abundance
  3. Stress Away
  4. Digize
  5. Brain Power
  6. Joy
  7. Peace and Calming
  8. Lemon
  9. Orange
  10. Peppermint

I like introducing these essential Oils to my clients.

I strongly believe in them. Young Living Essential Oils are the highest-grade Essential Oils there are, which makes them the purest to my knowledge. Never any fillers, just pure oils. Young Living Essential Oils are the highest-grade Essential Oils, which has amplified lives for thousands of years, serving a variety of benefits to cosmetics and dietary.

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Thanks for tuning in, until next time.

Xx Andi 🙂