TV the good the bad and how to live without it!

TV the good the bad and how to live without it!

The decisions we make on a daily basis can determine how we feel, eat, live, and behave towards ourselves and others. It can dictate our beliefs and what tribe we want to belong to. I strongly believe that TV is a huge influence on all of these.

Are you someone that is constantly glued to the TV?  Especially during these times of COVID? Are you being influenced by the daily news;

  • does it affect your mood?
  • If it affects your mood does it affect the way you eat,
  • how do you act around other people?

I find TV quite troubling; I must admit. Throughout my life, I have been on and off with the TV. TV was always a part of my household; it was always there. Still to this day I will watch movies or stream shows, but I have no public television anymore, we gave that up back in 2018.

Sitting in front of the TV or having it on in the background, in the kitchen while I was cooking, listening to upsetting news every day, used to stress me out so much. I just didn’t need to know any more about the politics and its insanity, each headline was more depressing than the one before it.

My mood and performance were greatly affected by this, as my mood was horrible, my outlook on life was depressing, my performance declined, cooking a meal took me twice as long. I couldn’t get anything done. I was almost like a submissive to the television. Yuck!

On top of that:

  • I gained weight
  • my digestion gave me troubles again,
  • I didn’t sleep well
  • I constantly craved candy.

Crazy right?

Did you know that stress can alter the gut nervous system causing a leaky gut and changing the normal bacteria in your gut?

Read this blog by Dr. Mark Hyman:

(Makes sense total sense to me, why I was feeling the way I was feeling being stressed from all that bad news coming out of the boob tube.)

Question: How do you feel during and after watching TV?

We would discuss the fact that we wanted to disconnect the cable, but at the same time, we were scared to miss out on things while wanting that freedom away from the screen. We wanted to focus on the things that were important to us, instead of wasting time in front of the television. There would always be an excuse to sit in front of the tube, this show, more news, too tired to read, too tired to keep working….

The next day I would get upset with myself having wasted another night/day.

But then I needed to know what craziness was popping up today on the channels. The news was fixating, I needed to hear more and more and watch one channel than another. Nothing ever changed, it was the same depressing news over and over again, more nonsense and frustration. There was no variety of broadcasts, like the things that were happening around the world. Everything was fixated around one specific subject, I almost started to feel I was being brainwashed as if nothing else in the world mattered anymore other than what the news had to say.


Then we came to our senses, it was time to disconnect the influencer.

You might be thinking “but Andi I need to know what is going on in the world.” I agree, we all do. But there is a difference between knowing and becoming obsessed and that is what happened to me. I always needed to hear more even if it was just in the background. And the same thing over and over again.

Today I get my news by reading from trusted sources or listening to it on my radio station while driving in the car. Once I am done reading, I am done reading I won’t read about it again until I choose to. Once I am done driving, I am done listening until I drive again, if I feel so inclined. I have questions about anything I have read or listened to I research it, make sure I understand what was being said. Misinformation seems to be quite the trend or misguided headlines, just so you can click on them.

Today my life is so much better,

  • I am focused on my goals,
  • my family, my business,
  • my future,
  • I enjoy the time I spend doing things without feeling like I missed out on things on TV
  • My stress levels have gone down dramatically, I feel happy.

This does not mean that I don’t know what’s going in the world, it just means that I am not obsessing and stressing about it anymore, because it is not thrown in my face all day long.

There are more important things in life other than being influenced by things that are mostly out of our control.

Yes, I care what’s going on in the world and I am involved in doing things that will help with environmental challenges, COVID challenges, as I research and make it my work to help educate and coach others by doing so.

The only difference is instead of sitting and stressing I act research, and share.

My message to you today is that I hope you will unplug even if it is just for 24 hours. See how you feel! Maybe start;

  • reading that book you have been putting off.
  • Start that exercise routine,
  • play with your kids,
  • start working on that business plan…

Go catch some sunshine, breathe some fresh air. Maybe this could put a smile on your face. There have been many angry and scared people out in the world today and we need more happiness in life.

Anger comes with being scared or being stressed. It’s not healthy to live that way. It is in our power to decide how we want to live and to actually take steps to achieve living happy, we just have to choose to do so.

The first step in doing so is to disconnect from the things that make us unhappy and stressed.

I believe that smiles are addicting, and if you smile at someone they might smile back, or it might make them feel good. (Yes you can see a smile under a mask as it comes across your whole face))

Bring positivity into your life, you deserve it! And don’t forget to share it. How nice would it be to share happiness, just by sharing a smile a kind word, or maybe even hold the door for a stranger?

I would love to hear from you and tell me how your life has been with or without TV. Leave me a note below! I love hearing from my readers!

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Xx Andi:)

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