I don’t know about you, but I am all for our environment, all living things, I very much respect our earth and I like to treat it with love and admiration. I believe our job is to leave this earth in the best and beautiful shape for generations to come so our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can do the same for their children. Personally, I get very upset when I see people littering and by the amounts of wasteful garbage is consumed in our world. From composting to re-usable items such as re-usable water bottles, thermoses, dishes and utensils, environmentally friendly cleaning products, there is so much we can do to help. There are several natural disinfectants out their such as white vinegar. In today’s world I feel we are super busy working machines and have no time to think about how our daily behaviors can affect our environment. I believe we need to stop, take a deep breath and truly look at ourselves in the mirror and look to see how we live, are we happy with our life? Are we doing everything in our power to preserve the beauty of our earth? Whatever happened to harmony, beauty, peace?


With this being said I would like to take this opportunity and invite all of you who might be reading this blog to start with one re-usable item such as a reusable water bottle per member of your household, use it on a daily basis and watch how much money you can save while saving the environment too. Having traveled quite a bit in the past year I have watched and come to be completely amazed how many people still use plastic water bottles. I always encourage people to drink more water, as it is good for us. Our bodies need water to flush out toxins and hydrate us. If we love ourselves enough to do that, how can we not do the same for the environment that gives us that water. I invite you to treat you and your earth to live healthy by investing in a reusable water bottle. HydroFlask or Klean Kanteen are two great companies that I personally very much enjoy, their bottles keep my water super cold and the outside of the bottle does not sweat on humid warm days. I know these bottles are expensive to begin with but if you do the math, you have saved yourself lots of money in no time. The average price of a 16oz. bottle of water is $1.50, the average price of a HydroFlask 20 oz. bottle of water is about $25.00. Say if you buy one bottle of water per day for one month, say $1.50 times 31 days = $46.50 per month times 12 month= $558.50 per year times say 50 years =$27.925.00 That could be a car, or a down payment on a house, an amazing vacation or two… This could be a lot of different things. You buy one reusable water bottle for $25.00 it can last you a lifetime.

I am not saying it needs to be a HydroFlask or Klean Kanteen, it can of course be any brand you may like better, these are just examples as they both are my favorites.

But aside from the money you have spent on plastic bottles, consider the effects it has on the environment, on your children’s, grandchildren’s and future generations to come. The world we are leaving behind for them.

Let’s vote yes for Clean Living, for us, the environment and everyone else!IMG_7837These are my babies, they go everywhere with me!