Weight loss is a dietary challenge! 6 pillars to make weight loss last

It is June of 2021 we are just coming out of an insane pandemic. I don’t know about you, but 2020 was a massive rollercoaster for me, and with that was weight gain.

Weight loss is a dietary challenge! 6 pillars to make weight loss last

Weight loss is a dietary challenge. Often people don’t realize that weight loss is part of my practices when I mention the kinds of clients I work with suffering from dietary challenges.

Weight loss can be a challenge for many of us, as we may follow some kind of fad diet that shows great success at first, but then somehow, we gain all the weight we have lost and maybe even some more, back again.

We get frustrated with ourselves, put ourselves down, count this as one of our failures and forget how hard we worked in the first place to achieve the goal we were striving for in the first place.

It’s ok. Stop beating up on yourself.

Often, we fall off the wagon because we implement drastic changes to our diets, neglecting our lifestyles and the proper substitutions for the kinds of foods we eliminated. Eventually, our bodies lash out at us because they desperately need certain nutrients they have not received with the current or past diets.

Others may gain weight just because, thanks to our DNA’s. Sometimes including myself, we gain weight because we feel we need to pleasure ourselves with foods that do our bodies no good but give us temporary satisfaction. This, I like to call happy stress eating.

Who knows what reason it might be, there are so many reasons why we gain weight, don’t you agree?

I don’t know about you, but when I gain weight, my whole body feels horrible. I feel:

  • Heavy
  • Tired
  • Non motivated to do anything
  • To start something good for me seems impossible
  • So many things are a struggle
  • My joints hurt
  • My back hurts
  • I feel unhappy
  • I don’t feel sexy
  • I put myself down at times

I have had my fair share to gain weight throughout my life, just from:

  • Having babies
  • Bad diets
  • Being a “sugarholic.”
  • Lots and lots of stress
  • Being unmotivated

I mean, the list goes on. After all, I have had 50 years of practice, ok, maybe 30 years since my 20’s, let’s be a bit more realistic.

I remember gaining 60 pounds 20 years ago, with my fourth baby on the way. I still have not lost that belly all the way yet. Maybe I will get to a point in my life where I can say,” look, I have a six-pack,” or maybe not. That’s ok because today we are talking about losing weight to be healthy and not being overweight. Besides what’s wrong with a baby belly, I am proud to have had four kids. Today I am at my perfect weight, and that’s the most important. The kind of training and exercise I choose to do for the type of muscular body I would like to reach someday is a story for another blog.Β Β 

Funny thing, I lost my baby belly after my first and second child so quickly, but once that third one came around, things got much harder for me. But again, getting sidetracked over here, that’s beside the point for today’s blog.

Today I am talking about actual weight gain, being overweight, feeling quite shitty, and experiencing consequences from being too heavy, such as those I mentioned above.Β Β 

You see, often people come to me and ask me to write them a meal plan to lose weight. Gosh, I wish it would be that easy. If a meal plan would make us all lose weight, no one would ever be overweight.

I highly believe that there is more to losing weight:

  1. Understanding how food works
  2. How food affects our bodies and minds
  3. What our bodies need and don’t need
  4. Lifestyles
  5. Stress reduction
  6. Sleep

These 6 pillars I find highly important when it comes to weight loss. Otherwise, we may reach our goal but won’t be able to keep it.

If you understand nutrition and wellbeing, you know that not one thing will give us results, and a cluster of several things will provide us with lasting results. You already won half the battle when it comes to anything in life.

Everything we do, eat, breathe, think, understand, apply, and don’t apply will determine the outcome of our goals. Yes, this includes weight loss, not just gluten sensitivity, digestive issues, and other dietary challenges.

There is one more pillar that determines everything. Our #1 pillar, the pillar that determines the lasting outcome of our goals, the one that makes the other 6 pillars almost worthless if not applied.Β 

Without this #1 pillar, we will continue to stay either where we are or worsen over time.

Often (including myself), we don’t choose this pillar until we hit “rock bottom,” once we do, we become:

  • Determined
  • Motivated
  • Enthusiastic
  • Accepting to explore outside the box
  • Openminded and welcoming to changes

So, are you wondering what this #1 pillar might be? Can you guess?

Read my next blog, “Let’s make your life and goals successful and lasting. The #1 pillar,” and find out. I’ll give you a little hint. It starts with the letter “C”.

“C” is taking the hard way, not the easy way. It makes outcomes last and teaches us new ways that we are willing to continue doing for many years to come. “C” teaches us ways where we can slip but catch ourselves and correct it. Where we can treat ourselves and know what to do without falling off the wagon, it allows us to live a healthy, fulfilling, happy and successful life.

“C” is something we have to be ready for. If we aren’t ready for “C,” we can’t finish or keep what we started.

I hope that you have or will gain “C” very soon, it took me a very long time to make it part of my life, I wish I would have implemented it sooner. Oh well like I like to say “Better late than never!”

Thanks so much for joining me today. I hope this blog gave you some inspiration to bring your wellbeing to the next level. Find your “C” and make it p[art of your life. Read my next blog and find out what “C” is and how it has implemented so many positive changes in my life.

Xx Andi πŸ™‚

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Weight loss is a dietary challenge! 6 pillars to make weight loss last