When reality kicks in and stops you in your tracks!

When reality kicks in and stops you in your tracks!

Have you had a reality check lately? Did it stop you in your tracks?

I sure did!

As you know I am getting ready to move across the country and with that, I must admit it’s been quite crazy around here. My husband and I are selling everything we own other then memorabilia, clothes, and some decorations and dishes.

So, I have had three tag sales quite a few online sales, and just word of mouth sales.

On top of this, we have been trying to figure out how to move to Colorado in a safe, diet-friendly, and nonstressful way.

As you all know:

  • We are in the midst of a pandemic
  • I have a food sensitivity (even though I am completely symptom-free I would like to keep my diet the way it is and that can get tough when you travel over a long period of time during a pandemic right?)
  • We have 2 adorable dogs
  • We are moving across the country not just across town or the state

The reality was that we needed to take these things into consideration and come up with a plan.Plenty of thinking and planning has been going into this since we don’t want to cut corners. On top of all of this, it’s been quite hard trying to find a place in Colorado without really knowing the area.

So, after going back and forth trying to figure out the day we want to leave, with COVID that was kind of difficult to decide, we finally had come to a decision. Thank god!

As I am recovering from the long week of trading in my car and buying a camper while getting ready for my last tag sale and the people coming to pick up my dining room set. I get this insane feeling in the center of my gut.

It stopped me in my tracks! As if someone pulled me down and kept me from moving forward.

My reality check kicked in! And it went a little bit like this: ( having a meltdown on my head 🙁 )

“OMG we are doing this we are moving to Colorado in a camper leaving my kids on the east coast, missing my granddaughter grow up, and now the dining room set is gone and I can’t get it back!”

Holy shit! Are we doing the right thing?

I paused, I sat down and I got very sad for a moment!

When the reality checks in such as mine, this is the time when some of us might pause and

  • don’t continue to move forward
  • try to get their dining room set back
  • fall into a short depression
  • or snap out of it and move forward with excitement
  • or move forward with some hesitation, but continue to move forward

It took me a long time to get here. 10 years ago, I said that in 10 years I will do something for me. It will be the perfect time to do so, and I have since worked towards that goal, even though I wasn’t sure at the time what that would be. I just knew that I wanted to move and be with someone that will be with me for the rest of my life and that I wanted to change my career to a career that was not so tied down.

Here we are 10 years later!

Luckily, I snapped out of my reality check and moved forward with excitement. My thoughts were valuable but also overreactive in away. My kids are my number one priority and I made sure that each one of them had their life in order before I would take such a huge step away from them.

I knew that:

  • My oldest has settled down after buying a house and living a good life with his girlfriend
  • My other son has a daughter and working a good job
  • My daughter is moving to Maine
  • My youngest going to college

I know my kids are taken care of, and I will see them through visits, Facetime, phone calls. It’s all good as we are all moving towards new things in life and we all have to support each other. It’s ok to miss someone, and that alone I think will make our visits even more special.

My goal for today is to encourage you during your reality checks, to move forward in your journey towards achieving your goals. When you are at that point, that means you already did most of the work to get where you want to be, so look at that. Don’t stop, keep moving.

It has taken me ten years to get where I am today. I knew it would take this long because I knew I didn’t want to leave any sooner and compromise my children’s way of growing up., so ten years was a really good goal for me to set.

If you are anywhere close to where I am today, or maybe you are in the beginning stages in setting your goals:

  • Set yourself a timeline that seems reasonable to you
  • Know that the work you have done so far has brought you to where you are today, so giving up is not an option
  • Know and realize that its time to do what is right for you
  • Keep up the good work and keep moving forward

I am so excited about this new chapter in my life, even though I will miss my kids and granddaughter.

My next goal is to have a successful schedule that will allow me and my husband to go wherever and whenever with my kids and granddaughter. Make our new home a home that will be fun, loving, and welcoming at any time for any of them, where they will come to relax, explore, and can’t wait to come to visit.

Today I want to hear about your reality check, have you had one lately and how did you take it? Did it stop you in your tracks?

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Thanks so much for checking in and reading this When reality kicks in and stops you in your tracks! blog, I will see you next week, with the beginnings of our adventures!

Xx Andi

When reality kicks in and stops you in your tracks!