why accountability is important to reach for your goals

Why accountability is important? Accountability is one of those things that can kick you in the behind when it comes to succeeding in reaching your goals, accomplishing tasks, staying on that diet, climbing the ladder at work.

The downside of accountability;

Losing focus on my goal. My goal before we left Connecticut was to keep my routine intact that included daily exercise (no matter where we are I will exercise even if it is on the pavement) keeping my diet, and not getting carried away by sugary treats. I didn’t want to fall into a rut of gaining extra weight and feeling unhealthy. As a matter of fact, my goal was to be in better shape than I was before we left.

Sadly, I got kicked in my behind during our ten-week journey moving across the country, while seeing some great sites and national parks on the way. I lost my routine and with that, I started gaining some pounds around my middle. I didn’t keep myself accountable by staying strict to my routine that did me so well while not traveling. I got caught up being persuaded to eating sugary things like ice cream. My lack of consistent exercise added to this disaster of mine as much as the poor eating habits.

It was so easy to not be disciplined and not hold myself accountable, so easy to be a part of the delicious opportunities that presented themselves to me. My husband fell into the same routine as I, and we both were without hope or discipline. 🤔

Accountability is something that many of us can lack at one time or another. Unless of course, we are super strict with ourselves and even then it can be difficult. Holding ourselves accountable for our own actions is something that we may not want to adhere to at times and find excuses for why we couldn’t, shouldn’t, or haven’t done something, stuck with something that we were so determined to do, like stick to our routines or diet.

Kind of like what I did above. I blamed the sweet and delicious opportunities for my failures. 🍦🍦🍦

I tried keeping my healthy diet and my exercise routine, and we did eat healthy foods as well. We hiked plenty too, but it just was not enough when it came to sticking to the routine I used to have. Not having a support system at the time and keeping myself accountable caused this disaster, not the foods that presented themselves to me.

Can you relate? Have you had an experience similar to mine?

Maybe the day you went to your doctor and got the bad news that now you need to get on a strict diet, otherwise your diabetes, cholesterol, food sensitivities, or whatever reason it might be, will get completely out of control. You agree with your doctor because after all, you want to feel better, you know you deserve to feel better.

You come up with a plan and make it your goal. You are completely into it, you are feeling really good about it, you know you can do this and do really well for a while.

Until suddenly one morning your schedule to reach your goal gets interrupted by something unexpected. You make the exception of not following your routine exactly the way you have been. Just a bit though nothing major. That’s totally fine you will just pick up tomorrow where we left off yesterday, no big deal, after all, you have been doing very well.

But the dominos start falling, uh-oh.

Your goal starts to disappear a little more each day.

I am with you.

I totally get it, I have been there myself so many times, and honestly, I wanted to kick myself in the behind every time I was in that position because it didn’t take long at all to completely fall off the wagon. I start craving the foods I should not eat or become more lenient on my exercises and with time I gained weight and my digestive issues started rolling in again. 2F4F34DA 09AF 450B 8D09 2D3A5171B1BC

Yup, that’s what happened this time around.

It took complete discipline for me to get where I am today, being able to treat myself to some gluten deliciousness without falling off the wagon, or gaining back my digestive issues, and yes even though I can still get out of control when it comes to these rules of mine, I can usually reel myself back in. Not this time though. Being out of my environment and having that luxury of leniency with my diet gave me an even bigger excuse why it wasn’t a big deal. Plus living in a camper for ten weeks was no easy task, even though we loved it.

My husband found himself in the same boat, so he, unfortunately, was not much of an accountability coach for me this time around.

Once I get into a situation like this:

  • I gain weight,
  • I feel yucky,
  • tired,
  • unmotivated
  • I get mad at myself and often it can reflect on my mood

Do you know what I am talking about? Can you relate?

The upside about accountability;

It’s ok; don’t beat up on yourself;

I find it quite normal for many of us to struggle with accountability, and just because I hold my clients accountable does not mean I am not one of the many people who need to be held accountable as well. After all, we are all just human. Not maintaining accountability is the undisciplined beast in us, right?

To me, I find it is so much easier to be irresponsible than being accountable/responsible. Accountability is more work and can be difficult to do, especially when it comes to ourselves. It’s much easier to hold others accountable, such as your kids, your partner, your friend, or in my case, my clients.

Accountability is a huge part of my coaching. I help keep my clients on track so they can achieve their goals. After all, that is why people seek coaches, because they know they need help and support from an outsider, from someone that can guide and help them stay on the path that will bring them that healthier lifestyle, or reach that life goal.

What can we do to keep ourselves more on track, keep ourselves more accountable when it comes to reaching our goals?

How to keep accountability on the upside;

My number one suggestion is always a support system.

Support systems have succeeded in many different ways. Take AA or NA for example, here we have very severe cases of addiction and alcoholism and their support groups are the key to succeeding with their recovery along with, of course, them actually doing the work and being psychologically ready to do so.

This kind of support system comes with a sponsor and a support network that helps the addict/alcoholic in situations when triggers appear, the addict/alcoholic is being tempted to drink or use drugs. A sponsor in this role is someone that has been down the same path but has been in recovery for a very long time; long enough to help the newcomers. He/she helps and guides the sponsee through the twelve steps recovery program, and also their ups and downs during the process.

Programs with support networks such as weight loss, parenting, mental health programs are similar to this, as they offer support and accountability through apps or individual virtual coaching sessions or group sessions.

The reason these programs are so successful is because of the accountability support that comes with it.

That’s why my job is so rewarding, I get to hold my clients accountable and reap the benefits from them reaching their goals, alongside them.

My accountability today;

My husband and I are on a mission as each other’s support system for losing a few extra pounds this time around and we can hold each other accountable when it comes to exercise and diet. This time we are both on the same path and I think we will do quite well together. I am happy about this because I know I can count on my husband and I also know that my success rate in losing my extra pounds will be much greater with him by my side.

This has not always been the case, as I am one to take on goals that require accountability and would then suffer through the ups and downs by myself. I never was one to ask for help or support. Having a support system that can hold me accountable has been a very recent thing for me, and honestly, I am not sure why I waited this long, as having a support system by my side has been absolutely amazing. Reaching my goals today has definitely been more attainable.

My question to you;

So I guess the question for today would be, why do we feel it unnecessary to have a support system by our side when it comes to accountability while reaching either our health or lifestyle goals. Why do we feel that we have to be in this by ourselves? Why do we have to beat ourselves up for failing, knowing that this is hard work and almost impossible to do by ourselves, especially if our number one priority is taking care of others before taking care of us.

I know I like to beat down on myself when I fail to accomplish something because I wasn’t accountable enough for my own actions. I could have never done what I did to get me where I am today without the mental support from my husband and several coaches of my own when it comes to my work, and I could have never done what I did to get my digestive issues under control if it wasn’t for the support and the insights from my schooling and my own research, plus the support from my kids and husband.

I tried for a while but failed.

Keeping you accountable to reach your goals;

Our health and lifestyle goals are the most important thing we have to accomplish in order to live a fulfilling life where we can say that we feel amazing and we can do the things we want to do. No matter if these things are work-related, travel-related, family-related, fitness-related…it all counts because after all, it’s these kinds of things that:

  • a.) make us who we are,
  • b.) define who we are striving to be
  • c.) bring us success,
  • d.) bring us fulfillment,
  • e.) bring us gratitude
  • f.) most importantly it makes us, happy (Brene Brown has a few words about happiness)

Happiness brings us:

  • longevity,
  • a sense of feeling complete,
  • achievement,
  • peace,
  • health,
  • belonging,
  • love, and so much more

When we feel happy with ourselves the world is a ray of sunshine.

So let’s stop beating down on ourselves when our accountability fails us. Instead, let’s get a support system that can help us stay accountable, so our success rate in achieving our goals can be much higher. No one needs to do this by themselves, so let’s stop thinking that we do.

A support system can come in many different forms such as;

  • a coach (like me)
  • a husband
  • a best friend
  • a support group
  • someone on the same path as you

Let’s identify your goals together and help you achieve them, staying accountable with your accountability coach next to you.

Stop waiting and beating up on yourself, let’s start today and get you the support you need to get you where you want to be with your health, life, or maybe both.

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Until next time, with lots of love and sunshine,

Xx Andi:) 

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