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For the love of our Children, Grandchildren and our environment!

Toxins! What are toxins? Boy, that’s a good question! Toxins are everywhere. In our food, water, environment, the air we breathe, the products we use. These toxins can enter our bodies through our gut. Toxins are bad for both us and the environment. I was reading this article by national geographic which has opened my eyes even more to the problems that we have in today’s society. The article reads about how much we have grown accustomed to the use of plastic, and how we are facing the epidemic of literally drowning in it. At first, when I read the article I thought, well I don’t use plastic bottles anymore, I haven’t in years, but I also hardly use plastic bags, only on rare occasions, so I’m doing pretty good here, right? Wrong!

I took it upon myself to make myself aware of how much plastic there truly is, as I, like much of the rest of the world have grown accustomed to the use of plastic on a daily basis. Turning on my radar and truly focusing on everything I was using and looking at, at the grocery store, made me realize we are in deep shit when it comes to respecting our earth and living a healthy life in a clean environment.

Water bottles and plastic bags are a huge issue, but don’t even make a dent into the kind of plastic that is out there and available and being used and thrown out every single day. I dare you to go through your home and point out everything that is plastic. I have found everything from laundry soap, softener, body wash, hand soap, hair products, body lotions, storage containers, make-up, kitchen gadgets, plastic wrap, plastic sandwich bags, plastic storage bags, cleaning products are in plastic bottles. I mean the list keeps coming, and these are just in my household. There are so many more plastic products out there that I don’t even use, such as plastic plates and silver wear, the thought on how many households eat of plastic platers and use plastic silverware is kind of scary to me. But it doesn’t even stop there, can you count how many toys have been made out of plastic? Many of these plastics we can’t even recycle, and the once we can, the majority don’t even make it to the recycling. If I could get a dollar for every time I see a plastic bottle laying on the side of the road, I could be rich by now.

I am very big on recycling, but I realize that I am not doing enough to keep this world livable for my grandchildren to come. We as the people need to do more for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. We owe it to them. We need to stop depending on big political figures and take matters into our own hands by doing everything in our power to make this world a better place. Our oceans are dying, our climate is changing, storms are becoming bigger and stronger, applying more damage than ever before, at least that’s the way I see it. I highly encourage you to read this article above and maybe it will help bring awareness to you as well.

A rough estimate in this article says that anywhere between 5.3 Million to 14 Million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every single year just from coastal regions. Millions of Marine animals get killed every single year, because of it. And we wonder why mother nature is pissed at us? I’m sorry I am not surprised by this whatsoever. I can’t blame mother nature for fighting back. After all, we are destroying it.

Everything I just wrote about has everything to do with toxin-free living, did you know that? How we take care of our environment has everything to do with our health. As I mentioned above, toxins enter our bodies through what we eat, breath and apply to our bodies every day.

So, what can we as individuals do to help ourselves and the environment? Here are some tips, that you can start with as soon as you are finished reading this blog.

  1. Stop buying plastic bottles, change over to a reusable bottle such as a Kleen Kanteen or Hydro Flask. These bottles will last you forever and save you tons of money in the long run. I wrote a blog on these bottles and did the math on how money it actually could save you. Click here to read my blog
  2. Stop using plastic bags, go with cloth bags, or mesh bags for your produce, paper bags for treats and so on. I hate to go with paper bags as well for the good of trees, but I find it a better alternative until I can figure something else out.
  3. Stop using plastic wrap, as an alternative I like to use a plate for a cover-up or use the rubbery toppers that will cling to your bowls.
  4. Stop using disposable plates and silverware, use the real stuff, so instead of throwing your dishes in the garbage you place them in the dishwasher. Food tastes so much better anyways when it is placed with love on an actual plate. It brings a nice atmosphere of caring for your food to the environment around you while you are eating.
  5. Go back to cooking your food with whole foods. When you buy real food, it doesn’t come with packaging, it just comes as is, especially from the farm stands. This is better for your health, better for the environment, and better for the farmer, and we all need each other, to make our world a better place.

These are 5 things that anyone can do every single day, without much effort. I know I am just a health coach, a mother, and grandmother and someone who loves mother nature. I am not a celebrity, but if just one person reads this blog and changes the way he/sh. I look at what is right in front of us the way I do, and this person will change her ways just like I did, then I hope that this one person will bring their awareness towards another person and so on. In the end, it only takes one person to move in the right direction and create a domino reaction, and this is what I am hoping to do today. By bringing awareness to the one person that will care about our earth the way I do and spread the love.

In the end, it is our job to care for our wellbeing, no one can do it for us, let’s start right here, today!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this read, and I hope we can start a domino reaction.